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Each of these properties can be accessed for the selected audio clip by clicking "Sound" menu > "Properties "

Alternatively, you can right click on an audio clip and choose "Properties" followed by one of the options below.


hmtoggle_arrow1 Channel


Mixcraft displays stereo and mono audio clips in the same way.  If it's a stereo sound, the left and right channel are merged into one view.


If you only want to play the left channel of a stereo sound, you can select the sound clip and then click the "Sound" menu followed by clicking "Properties" followed by clicking "Channels" from the menu.


Sound menu > Properties > Channels > Mono or Stereo

> Left Channel

> Right Channel


(Alternatively, you can right click on a clip to bring this up.)


Choose "Stereo/Mono", "Left Channel" or "Right Channel".


The sound clip will display "[Left Channel]" on its title area if it is only playing the left channel and it will display "[Right Channel]" on its title area if it is playing the right channel.


hmtoggle_arrow1 Phase


The phase lets you invert the signal of the left, right or both channels.


Sound menu > Properties > Phase > Normal

> Invert Left Channel Only

> Invert Right Channel Only

> Invert Both Channels


hmtoggle_arrow1 Normalize


Normalizing a sound finds its largest peak or signal in it.  It calculates the percentage needed to be at the maximum amount and then scales everything by the same amount.


Sound menu > Properties > Normalize