Drum Maps

Drum Maps

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If you are using a drum virtual instrument, you can view the names of the drum hits on the left side, instead of notes.  On the Sound tab, simply select a drum map from the Map drop down control.  This currently only applies to piano rolls.  Mixcraft will choose the appropriate drum map if it is already mapped.






hmtoggle_arrow1 Adding Your Own Drum Map (Advanced)


Go to the %programdata%\Acoustica\Mixcraft\drum-maps\ folder.  In it, you will find a bunch of text files that represent a drum map.  The text format is as follows:


[MIDI Note Number] [Drum Hit Name]


For example, if you had synthesizer called "Big And Dumb Drums" which had a patch called "Mega Kick" on MIDI note 54, you would add the following line:


54 Mega Kick


Then you would save the file as "Big And Dumb Drums.txt" in the %programdata%\Acoustica\Mixcraft\drum-maps\ folder .


Now when you restart Mixcraft, your drum map will show up.


The final step is to add a default mapping so that if you add the virtual instrument "Big And Dumb Drums" (BADD), it will automatically select the correct map.


Open up the file called "Default-Drum-Mapping.csv" in either Excel, Open Office Calc or Google docs.  The file is comma delimited for columns and quote (") delimited for text.

You will need to fill in the following fields and save it.


Map File - The name of the file you just created, ie: "Big And Dumb Drums.txt"

VST GUID - This is a special value uniquely identifying the VSTi.  Open up your Log file after having used the plug-in to get its VST GUID.  Your log file will be located at %appdata%\Acoustica\Mixcraft .  The following example shows how to find the GUID for the Bass Synthesizer VSTi.
15:39:16 [635 mils] : VST: C:\Program Files (x86)\Acoustica Mixcraft 6\VST\3rdParty\Alien 303 Bass Synthesizer.dll"
15:39:16 [635 mils] : VST found in registry.
15:39:16 [635 mils] : {4A2F286F-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}

VST Name - If there isn't a GUID, use the exact name from the log file.

Preset # - This is the preset that the drum patch resides on.

Comments - Add a comment.


Now save the file and load your virtual instrument.