Edit In External Editor

Edit In External Editor

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Mixcraft will work in conjunction with an external sound editor in order to apply permanent changes or edits to the sound.  For example, if you want to reverse a sound or edit out clicks and pop or some other audio editing, you may want to use an external editor.  (This requires that you own or have downloaded a sound editor.)


hmtoggle_arrow1 Configure An External Sound Editor


Go to the Mixcraft Preferences and choose the "General" item to select an external sound editor to use.


hmtoggle_arrow1 How To Edit A Sound In An External Editor


Right click on a sound and choose "Edit In External Editor..." or choose "Edit In External Editor..." from the "Sound" menu.


Sound menu > Edit In External Editor...


You will have the option of editing the original sound or a copy.  If you edit the original sound, the change will be a permanent and will not be undo-able.