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Recording Clip


Arm a track to prepare it for recording.  Click the "arm" button. Learn more about arming a track in the track section.


You may also want to set up the following before recording:


Set up a punch in/out area

Set up a loop section for loop recording

Set up the track for live monitoring of effects.


When you are ready to start recording, push the Record button on the Transport control.




Sounds will be recorded at a default CD quality.  The recording sound quality can be changed in the "Sound Device" preferences by clicking "Preferences" from the "File" menu and clicking on "Sound Device".


Recording Directly To OGG

If you find your hard drive filling up with huge WAV files, you can record directly to OGG files.  Recording to OGG will take up less space on your hard drive.


Go to the Recording Preferences, click "Compressed Ogg Vorbis (.OGG)" and then choose the desired quality.  All new recordings will be in the compressed OGG format.