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toolbar-new New Project

Create a new project.


toolbar-open-project Load Project

Load or open an existing project or template.


toolbar-add-sound Add Sound

Add a sound to the Project. (MP3, WAV, AIF, OGG or WMA)


toolbar-save Save Project

Save the current project.


toolbar-burn-cd Burn Audio CD

Burn your project to a standard audio CD.


toolbar-render Mix Down

Mix down your project to a single audio file.


toolbar-undo Undo Last Action

Undo your last action or command.


toolbar-redo Redo Last Action

Redo an action that you've 'un-done' via Undo.


toolbar-zoom-in Zoom In

Zoom in for a closer view.


toolbar-zoom-out Zoom Out

Zoom out to view more time.


toolbar-preferences Preferences

Brings up the Preference dialog.


toolbar-register Buy or Register Mixcraft

Purchase Mixcraft and enter your registration information. More on purchasing and registration.


toolbar-envelopes Select Envelope

Selects the current envelope type for all sounds in workspace.  Choose from Volume, Pan, Low Pass Filter, Low Pass Resonance, High Pass Filter, High Pass Resonance.


toolbar-snap Snap Settings

The Snap Setting allows you to edit in precise lengths of measures, 1/4 notes, 1/8 notes or one millisecond precisions.  To turn snap off, click the snap button and choose "Snap Off".  To snap to the measure, choose "Snap Measure" or "Snap Bar".