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Each track can have multiple lanes. A lane is way to have multiple clips at the same time offset without being on top of each other.





hmtoggle_arrow1 Adding Lanes


Lanes are automatically created when recording if the new recording overlaps with the previous one.  Alternatively, you can add a lane by right clicking on a track, choosing the "Lanes" menu followed by choosing "Add Lane".


Add Lane



hmtoggle_arrow1 Deleting Lanes


You can delete a lane and its clips by right clicking on an empty part of the lane and clicking "Lanes" followed by "Delete Lane".


Deleting Empty Lanes

Right click on an empty part of a track and click "Lanes" followed by "Delete Empty Lanes".


Delete Lane



hmtoggle_arrow1 Muting Lanes


You can mute or unmute all clips on any track by right clicking on an empty part of a lane and clicking "Lanes" followed by "Mute All" or "Unmute All".


hmtoggle_arrow1 MIDI Channel


For Virtual Instrument Tracks, you can assign a lane to a specific MIDI channel.  This is especially useful for multitimbral instruments.   Right click on an empty part of a lane and then click on "Lanes" followed by "MIDI Channel" followed by clicking a channel from 1 to 16 or "All".


hmtoggle_arrow1 Recording With Lanes


Recording with lanes is convenient. If you are recording over an area that already has sound data, it will automatically create or find an empty lane.  This is especially useful in loop recording mode.


See the Recording section for more help on Recording.