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Add, delete, move and duplicate tracks with key shortcuts, dragging or via right click menu.




hmtoggle_arrow1 Adding Tracks


Each new project starts with 8 blank tracks.  You can add tracks by clicking the +Track button above the tracks to the left of the time line.


Add Track

You can also click Add Track followed by selecting the type of track from the Tracks menu to append a track.


Inserting A Track

If you would like to add a track at a specific location, select the track before the insertion location and then click Insert Track, followed by selecting the type of track from the Track menu.


If the track isn't where you wanted it, you can always move the track. Learn more about different track types.


Add Audio Track


Add Virtual Instrument Track (MIDI)



hmtoggle_arrow1 Moving Tracks


You can move tracks by dragging them.  Simply click down on a track header and move the mouse up or down.


Alternatively, you can right click on a track and choose Move Track Up (CTRL+U) or Move Track Down (CTRL+D).  This menu options can also be accessed on the Track menu.


Move Track Down


Move Track Up



hmtoggle_arrow1 Resizing


You can re-size a track so that you can better edit the sounds on the track or so that you can see more tracks on the screen at once.


Re-size a track by moving the mouse to the bottom of a track and drag up or down.  When the mouse is in the right spot to re-size, the cursor will become an up/down cursor cursor-resize.



Alternatively, you can click on the "Track" menu > "Properties" > "Track Height" .  Choose a size of Small, Normal or Large.


Small track

Small track


Resizing All Tracks

You can re-size all tracks at once by clicking on the "View" menu, followed by "All Tracks Height" followed by "Small", "Medium" or "Large".

To re-size all tracks to a specific size, hold the SHIFT key down, click down on the bottom of a track and drag up or down.  When you release the mouse, all tracks will re-size.


hmtoggle_arrow1 Deleting Tracks


Select a track by clicking it so that it highlights.  Then choose "Delete Track" from the "Track" menu or right click on the track header and choose "Delete Track".  Any sounds on the track will also be deleted.


Delete Track