Customizing Appearance

Customizing Appearance

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Change the color, icon, name or size of your tracks.


Change the appearance of your tracks


hmtoggle_arrow1 Name


You can name a track by left clicking on its current name, which defaults to "Track" or "Instrument Track".  An edit box will appear.  Type in or edit the track name and push the Enter key or click on another area of the window to finish.


hmtoggle_arrow1 Image


Each track can have its own image for distinction, personalization and organization purposes.  Choose from 20 stock images or include your own!


Choose A New Image

Double click an existing track image or move your mouse to the upper left corner of the track image until a button pops up so that you can push it.  Alternatively, you can click "Choose Image..." from the "Track" menu or right click on a track and select "Choose Image..."


The Choose A Track Image window comes up.




Select a new image and click OK.


Add Your Own Image Or Photo

You can add any image or photo of your band members, your dog or almost anything that is in the one of the following image formats.







Click on "Add My Own Image File..." and then navigate to the image you'd like to add.  Select the image and then click "Open".  The image will be added to your list of images for use with other projects and put on the track header.



hmtoggle_arrow1 Color


Each track's color can be set by choosing "Track" menu > "Properties" > "Track Color".  All clips on a track acquire the track's color.




To change the color of a track, right click on a track a choose "Properties" followed by "Color" and then select a color from the drop down.


Alternatively, you can change the color of the selected track by clicking the "Track" menu followed by "Properties", followed by "Color".