Instrument Mix Output Channels

Instrument Mix Output Channels

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Some virtual instruments have multiple output channels.


If a track has multiple outputs, Mixcraft will create a child track for each output.   In this way, you can add effects, alter the volume, pan and EQ for each output.


To view the child mix output channel tracks, click the "+" button on the bottom left of the track.




After expanding the track, you will see all the channel outputs.


Multiple channel outputs


If you do not need all the mix output channels, simply delete the tracks you do not need.  (You may need to reconfigure your plug-in, as well.)


Instrument details with Config... button


You can also remove or add mix output channels by going to the instrument dialog, showing the details and clicking the "Config..." button next to the virtual instrument.


Channel Config button


Toggle the tracks you want and click OK.


Channel Config Dialog