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Send Tracks are special tracks that can hold their own effects and track automation.  Route some of each track's audio to a Send.


Send Track with automation


On the Mixer interface, you can adjust the amount of each track going to the currently selected Send knob.  The Send knobs are red.


Send knob on Mixer


hmtoggle_arrow1 When To Use Sends


Audio Tracks and Virtual Instrument Tracks can send their audio output to be mixed on a Send Track.  A Send Track is also known as an "Aux Bus".


Use a send when you want to


Use effects on a specific portion or section of a track.

Share effects over multiple tracks.


hmtoggle_arrow1 Routing Audio To A Send Track


Add a Send Track to the project.  We renamed this one to be called "Reverb (SEND)".


Send Track with automation


Go to the track that you want to route signal to the Send track.  Expand the track automation portion of the track by clicking the automation button.


Automation button


This will expand the automation window.  On the automation type drop down, click the send track under the "Sends" section.  In this example, a send called "Reverb" is chosen.


Selecting a Send track


Now you can adjust the amount of this track's audio that gets sent to the Send Track via track automation.   Change the Send knob to adjust the amount of audio or "send" that gets sent to the Send Track.    You can also draw in an automation envelope that adjusts the amount of audio sent over time!


Editing automation


This audio will be sent to any effects loaded on the Send Track.  Additionally, the track's audio will also be processed with the volume and/or pan automation envelopes on the Send Track.


Adjust the Send Track's automation, just as you would adjust any track's automation envelopes.


hmtoggle_arrow1 Send Volume Type


This determines if the track's audio is sent to the Send Track before or after its own track's volume automation/adjustment is mixed in.


Pre Volume Adjustment - The track's audio is sent to the Send Track before applying its own volume adjustments.  (PRE-Fader Send)

Post Volume Adjustment - The track's audio is sent to the Send Track after applying its own volume adjustments. (POST-Fader Send)


To change the Send Volume Type, right click on the Send knob on either the Mixer or the Send knob on the automation pane.


hmtoggle_arrow1 Audio Signal Flow


To reiterate, the send volume type determines whether audio from the track is routed to the Send Track before or after the track fader and volume automation.  The audio signal flow for a track is as follows:


Clips (with clip-level automation)




Track Effects




PRE-Fader Send   *


PRE-Fader send


 Track volume & pan


Track volume & pan


POST-Fader Send  *


POST-Fader Send



* Depending on the send volume type, the audio from a track will be sent at one of the starred * points in the audio signal flow.



Tip: When adding an effect to a Send Track, it is recommended to choose a preset designed for being on a Send Track.  Many effects will list this with the word "Send" in it.  When using any effect, make sure to click the "Edit..." button and adjust the dry mix down to 0% and the wet mix to 100%.