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A SubMix track allows you to route audio to an intermediate track.




For example, if you had 8 audio tracks containing drum parts and you wanted to change the overall volume for those tracks, create a SubMix track and then move each drum part track into the SubMix track.  Now, instead of having to adjust each track manually, you can simply make adjustments on the SubMix track.  This allows you to solo, mute, pan, change effects, automation or the volume of all the tracks that are part of the SubMix.


Add tracks to a SubMix track by dragging and dropping them.


When a track is part of a SubMix, it will be indented to the right.  Moving the SubMix track will also move all the "child" tracks with it.


A SubMix track will have a + or - button on the lower left signifying that the children tracks can be hidden or shown.