Control Surfaces

Control Surfaces

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You can set up a MIDI keyboard or another MIDI device to control Mixcraft without having to use your mouse.  You'll be able to press a button on your MIDI keyboard to start and stop playback, record, fast forward, arm, etc.  This is great for people that aren't right in front of their computer all the time.


MIDI keyboard with a transport control section


To set up a control surface, click the "Mix" menu > "Control Surfaces..."




hmtoggle_arrow1 MIDI Learn


Make sure you have a MIDI device plugged in to your computer.  Now you can assign a whole list of options from playback, metronome, arming, undo and redo.


1.Click "MIDI Learn" to automatically assign commands

2.Click on the command to learn.

3.Go to your MIDI keyboard/controller and move the knob, button, slider or push a key that you wish to trigger the command.

4.If you wish to learn another command click on the command.


Alternatively, the Mixcraft interface will highlight some buttons and sliders blue.  Simply click on a button or control, then move the MIDI knob to assign it.




Once done, click the "Stop Learning" button.





This is the command being assigned or mapped.


Can be a CC or Note down message.


The number of the CC or note down.


The data field for the CC.  If it was a note down, the velocity can be any amount, > 63 or < 64


hmtoggle_arrow1 MIDI Channel & Device


If you want to set up the control surface to only receive on a specific MIDI channel or device, choose "MIDI Channel" or "Device" and pick the desired channel and device.


For example, if you to set up your control surface on your "MIDI Controller Pro" device on MIDI channel 2, select "2" from the MIDI Channel drop down and "MIDI Controller Pro" from the Device drop down.


hmtoggle_arrow1 Saving/Loading


Save or load your control surfaces assignments if you have multiple keyboards or want to reuse your settings for various projects.


These files will be stored in %programdata%\Acoustica\Mixcraft\control-surfaces\ .


To load a previous control surface, click the "Surfaces" drop down and select one!


hmtoggle_arrow1 Control Surface Commands List


You can assign the following commands to MIDI controls.


Main Transport Controls


Playback Toggle



Rewind A Bit

Rewind To Start

Fast Forward A Bit

Fast Forward To End


Adjust Master Volume

Loop Mode Toggle

Playback Metronome Toggle

Recording Metronome Toggle

Count In Metronome Toggle

Punch In/Out Toggle

Set Punch In To Current Position

Set Punch Out To Current Position

Set Loop Start To Current Position

Set Loop End To Current Position

Add Marker At Current Position

Play From Previous Marker

Play From Next Marker


Selected Track Controls


Select Previous Track

Select Next Track

Set Selected Track Volume

Set Selected Track Pan

Mute/Unmute Selected Track

Solo/Unsolo Selected Track

Arm/Disarm Selected Track

Monitoring For Selected Track Toggle

Guitar Tuner For Selected Track Toggle

EQ High For Selected Track

EQ Mid For Selected Track

EQ Low For Selected Track

Send Adjustment For Selected Track







Insert Virtual Instrument Track

Insert Audio Track