CD Burning

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hmtoggle_arrow1 My CD/DVD Recorder Is Not Supported!


Mixcraft supports three burning engines: Primo, Goldenhawk and IMAPI.





The default and preferred burning engine. It will burn on the fly, burn CD Text and supports gap-less tracks.


The draw back to IMAPI is that it burns two second gaps between tracks on the burned CD.


This is your last chance/option.  Goldenhawk will burn on the fly and burns without gaps between tracks on the burned CD.  Unfortunately, Goldenhawk does not support as many CD and DVD writers.  However, there is some hope.


Since many drives are clones and use the same basic technology, they also share the command system that instructs the CD and DVD writers what to do.  With that in mind, you can try different drive definitions to see if they work with your drive.


Go into the "CD Burning" Preferences, make sure that "Goldenhawk" is selected and then click the "Goldenhawk Drive Override..." button.  This brings up some options for your unsupported devices.  Choose the unsupported drive from the drop down "Select A Drive".  First try the "Use A Generic CD Writer Drive" and then click OK.  Restart the software to see if it's supported by trying a test burn.  If that doesn't work, go back into the Goldenhawk Override dialog and try "Use The Driver For This Drive Type" option.  Select a drive that sounds similar to your drive.  Consult the web to find out what type of drive it could be cloned from.  Try a drive with the same manufacturer but at a slower speed, etc.  Note that it is not guaranteed to work, but this is an option to try.


hmtoggle_arrow1 I Am Getting Burn Failures


Here are some suggestions to troubleshoot a burn failure.


Try a burn in 'Test Mode' first.

Try a different blank CD (Make sure it's not full or scratched)

Try a different blank CD from a different manufacturer.

Shut down other programs and temporarily shut down your virus checker during a burn.  ( Shutting down your virus checker should be done at your own risk.  Make sure you are not connected to the Internet and have done a full virus scan recently.)

Try burning at a slower speed, especially if your CD recorder does not have 'Burn Proof'.

Try checking the option to 'Convert To WAV First.'

If you have more than one CD or DVD recorder, try switching to the other recorder on the burn CD window.

If you have Windows XP or Vista, try switching to IMAPI.

Try switching to a different burning engine. Choose between Primo (recommended), Goldenhawk and IMAPI.

Try burning a short sound just to verify that CD recorder can still burn and is not defective.

Try burning with another program such as Windows Media Player to verify that your CD recorder is not defective or having some kind of system conflict.


hmtoggle_arrow1 Get Rid Of The 2 Second Gap Between Tracks.


By default, in Primo or Goldenhawk mode, audio CDs will not have a two second gap between tracks.  Make sure you are in Primo or Goldenhawk!


However, if you are burning in IMAPI mode, you are forced by the IMAPI system to have a two second gap between tracks.  There are two options:


1.Click the check box to "Burn As One Track" on the burn CD window.  The problem with this option is that you will have to fast forward or rewind the burned CD to get to a specific part.

2.Mix the project down to WAV files and then use a 3rd party burning program that supports your CD writer or DVD writer.  On the "Mix Down" dialog, make sure that you check the option to "Create A New File For Each CD Marker".  We recommend WAV files at CD quality for the mix down.  Then import the WAV files into your 3rd party CD writer software, arrange them in the correct order and burn the CD!


hmtoggle_arrow1 Burned CD Does Not Play In My CD Player


There are a few things you can try:


Make sure that you actually burned the CD!  Look at the back of the CD under a light and make sure that you see a difference between a burned area and a blank section.

Make sure that there aren't any scratches or smudges on the CD data surface.

Try a different burning engine.  Primo is the latest and newest engine. Change the engine in the CD Burning preferences.

Try a different blank CD made from a different manufacturer.  See if there is a recommended type of CD for your CD player.

Try burning at a slower speed.  Older CD players are not as tolerant and if you burn at a slower speed, it will burn with a higher precision of quality.  Also, some blank CDs are not rated for higher speeds.  Check the information that came with your blank CDs for its burn speed rating.

If there is a paper sticker label on the CD, it could be interfering with the weight balance or it may not be spinning at the right speed.  Try a CD without a label on it.

Check to see if the CD plays in other CD players, besides your computer.