Control Surfaces

Control Surfaces

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hmtoggle_arrow1 Mixcraft doesn't recognize my controller!


In the Control Surface Details dialog box, make sure that your Device is selected -- or set the Device drop down to "Any" if you want Mixcraft to receive control surface messages from all devices hooked up to your computer. If your device is not listed in the Device drop down, make sure your device is plugged in and any necessary drivers have been installed. You may need to close and re-open the Control Surface Details dialog box for new devices to be displayed.


Also, make sure that MIDI Channel is set to the same MIDI channel that your controller is sending on -- or set the MIDI Channel drop down to "Any" to ensure that Mixcraft will receive control messages on any MIDI channel.




hmtoggle_arrow1 Mixcraft recognizes some knobs or buttons on my controller, but won't respond to other knobs or buttons.


Mixcraft's controls can be set to respond to MIDI Continuous Controller (CC) message, or specific notes on your keyboard. Some controllers send MIDI Machine Control (MMC) or other types of System-Exclusive data, which Mixcraft does not respond to.


Check your controller's manual to see if your controller can be configured to send MIDI CC messages instead of MIDI MMC messages.


Most controllers that send MMC can be configured to send MIDI CC instead.