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hmtoggle_arrow1 Video Playback Problems


If after loading your video, Mixcraft does one of the following:


Mixcraft crashes with an error window

Mixcraft freezes and stops responding

Mixcraft's CPU usage goes way up to above 60% or so.

Video frames appear distorted


If one of the above is happening, it could definitely be the DirectX video decoder.  The best advice is to convert your video file into an AVI or WMV.  AVI and WMV files are tested to be compatible with Mixcraft.  AVI files will use less CPU power, as well.


Search the Internet for "video converter software" that will convert from your video format to AVI and/or WMV.


hmtoggle_arrow1 I Am Getting DirectX Errors or Errors Loading Video


Mixcraft uses Window's DirectX layer in order to decode video.  We are at the mercy of whatever codecs are installed on your computer.  Codecs are little pieces of software that programs can use to decode special video file formats.  Many codecs out there on the Internet are notoriously poorly written and may not work properly for editing.  If you are running into these kinds of errors, here are some things to try:


Download the latest Windows Media Player from Microsoft.

Install the software that came with your video camera.  It may also have come with a DirectX video decoder that would allow other programs such as Windows Movie Maker or Windows Media Player to play the files.  (This assumes that the file was created with a video camera that you own.)  Make sure to restart your computer after installing.

Download a video file converter to convert it to AVI or WMV.  This is better than loading the original video format, as it will be faster.


hmtoggle_arrow1 Video File Is Too Big


If you want to send your video via email or upload it, you may find that your video file size is huge.  Uploading or sending huge files is impractical and slow.  There are several suggestions.


1.To send via email, upload your video to something like Youtube and then send people a link to the video instead of sending the actual video file.

2.Go into the video settings and adjust to a lower quality.  Lower quality videos will be smaller in size. Go to the Video Mixing Down section for more help.