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Text makes it possible to add a title, lyrics, captions or even credits.


Scrolling creditsScrolling credits


hmtoggle_arrow1 Adding Text


There are a few ways to add text.  The easiest is to click "Video" menu > "Add Text..." This will create a text track and place a new text clip on it. This brings up the text editor.


To create a scrolling text object, click the "Video" menu > "Add Scrolling Text..." or right click on a text track and choose the "Add Scrolling Text..." This brings up the scrolling text editor.


Alternatively, double click a text track to create a new text clip.


hmtoggle_arrow1 Editing Text


Just like any other clip, you can move text clips around on the time line.  To make the text clip longer, simply click on the left or right side and drag to lengthen.



Resizing a text clip


To change the text, its position, color, drop shadow, background and many other properties, double click a text object or right click on a text object and choose "Edit Text..."  This will bring up the text editor.


Editing text

Editing scrolling text


hmtoggle_arrow1 Lanes


You can create multiple lanes on text tracks, just like audio and virtual instrument tracks.  Either press ALT+L or right click on a text track and choose "Lanes" > "Add" to add an additional lane.  This can be very handy for organizing multiple layers of text.


Shows two lanes for clips