Video Effects

Video Effects

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You can add effects to video and adjust how the video looks over time.  You can fade it in and out, add blur, transition to gray scale and much more.  On the Video track, click the automation button.




This shows the automation lane.


Video automation of effects


Choose from various effects and add points to shape the effects.  Click to add points and edit points just like audio track automation.



hmtoggle_arrow1 Video Effect List



Lightness (High CPU)



Posterize (High Pass)

Low Pass


XOR (Invert/Negative)


Antique (Light)

Antique (Heavy)

Red Channel Strength

Green Channel Strength

Blue Channel Strength

Red Filter

Green Filter

Blue Filter

Invert Red Channel

Invert Green Channel

Invert Blue Channel

XOR High Pass

XOR Low Pass

Flip Horizontal

Kaleidoscope Right

Kaleidoscope Left