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Video editing


Mixcraft supports loading and saving of video.  It is designed so that you can do the following:


Add a musical soundtrack to a video.

Add sound effects to a video.

Add titles, lyrics or credits to your videos.

Get millisecond accurate syncing of video to sound.

Export your project to video for burning DVDs or uploading to the Internet.


hmtoggle_arrow1 Loading Videos


You can add videos by clicking the "Video" menu > "Add a Video File..."


This brings up a file dialog that allows you select a video to add at the caret location.  By default, you can choose AVI and WMV videos.


However, if you have a special type of video, you may be able to switch the Type to "All" and then choose it in the file dialog.  (Be warned that you'll need a supported codec for that file type, though.)  If you have a non AVI or WMV movie, you should convert the video to AVI or WMV before importing it into Mixcraft.


hmtoggle_arrow1 Adding Photos/Images


You can add any photo or image by clicking the "Video" menu > "Add Still Images..."  This brings up a file dialog which allows you to select an image or multiple images.  The images will be placed at the caret location.


The following image types are supported:







If you want to add more than one image at a time, you can select multiple photos or images and add them all at once.  The images will be added to a video track with each image lasting five seconds and overlapped by one second.




hmtoggle_arrow1 Adding Text


You can add text by clicking the "Video" menu > "Add Text..." This brings up the text editor with all its various settings.


Text edit window


Learn more about text here.



hmtoggle_arrow1 Video Preview Window


This window shows the video at the current playback position.  It will include text, video and any effects at the time.


Video preview window


hmtoggle_arrow1 Video Effects


You can alter a video by adding effects.  You can make it fade in, fade to black or look like its old film.


Before effects

After using the Kaleidoscope and Green channel effects.

Before effects

After effects


Learn more about video effects here.


hmtoggle_arrow1 Mixing/Rendering To Video


Mixcraft supports saving video to AVI or WMV.  AVI is uncompressed and will be larger than WMV.  If you are uploading to Google's YouTube, you should choose "WMV" as it will be compressed automatically on YouTube's servers.


To save your project as a video, click the "File" menu, followed by "Mix Down To", followed by "AVI" or "WMV".  


File menu > Mix Down To > AVI



Learn how to set the output quality and output file size.