Projects can be mixed down to any of the following audio file types:





Click the Mix Down button on the toolbar...


...or select File>Mix Down To from the Main Screen menus, followed by selecting the format you’d like to mix down to. Alternatively, you can choose File>Save As… from the Main Screen menus and then click the Save as type drop-down menu to select the desired format.

Once you're viewing the Mix Down Project window with the correct format, you’ll see the following extra options:



Displays current format details such as bit rate and number of audio channels (i.e. mono or stereo).

Edit Details...

This opens a window where you can set the audio quality for MP3, WAV, and OGG format files. Higher quality settings will create larger file sizes. Selecting the Preset Quality radio button simplifies audio quality settings with a single slider. If you’re knowledgeable about audio compression, the Specify Settings radio button lets you set individual digital compression parameters for the selected file type.


Estimated Size

This shows the approximate size of the resulting mix down file in megabytes.

Create A New File For Each CD Marker

If you’ve added CD markers to the project, this causes the mix down to create multiple files, one for each CD marker encountered.

Use Marker Titles

If you’ve chosen Create A New File For Each CD Marker, this option uses the titles in the marker for the name of the file and tag.

Use File/Tag Information

Choose this option if you want the audio file(s) to be tagged with the project’s author information and CD track names (if set). Click Tag Info... to edit the project’s author information.

Use Selection

This lets you create a file from a selected region in a project.

You Down With OGG?

OGG is a lossy audio compression format that delivers better sound quality than MP3 (we think, but this can be debated on your favorite audio forum) and potentially saves

a lot of disk space. Its full name is actually “Ogg Vorbis”. We’re not sure what that means, but we're pretty sure its creators watched a lot of Star Trek.

Mix Each Track To A Separate File

Use this to mix down each track separately. File names will be appended with the track number and name. This is convenient if a project needs to be loaded into another DAW. (We have no idea why anyone would want to do such a thing, but suit yourself.)

Mix Down To Video

Projects containing video can be mixed down to a new video file. Mixcraft supports mixing down to AVI and WMV formats.

(For tons of information on how to render and mix down with video please refer to pg. 156, "Rendering Edited Videos" )

Mixcraft 7 Online Manual