Follow these Registration Steps - Click photos for an enlarged view

Locate the CD disc sleeve that is packaged inside the Mixcraft 6 Home Studio box. You may also have a product card that lists your retrieval code.

Step 1

Look on the back to view your retrieval code.

Step 2

Go to

Type in your retrieval code and email address and click "Next"

Check your email for your actual registration code.

Step 3

Insert the Mixcraft CD into your CD drive and click "Install".

Step 4

It is strongly recommended that you exit all programs before continuing with the installation.

Step 5

You will be prompted to enter your registration ID and registration code which will be the email you entered and the registration code in your registration email.

Step 6

Download Updates

Run Mixcraft 6. Click the "Help" menu and choose "Check For Update..."
If there is a new version, click "Yes" to upgrade and the upgrade will automatically download. Once it is finished downloading, you will need to
shut down Mixcraft so the update can proceed. Rerun Mixcraft to complete
the update.

Download Updates