MP3 Audio Mixer Testimonials

Awesome, mixed my New Years tunes in advance and didn't have to DJ the party and could enjoy instead. Very cool & easy to use!!

Mike B / toronto

I think this is the greatest audio mixer I've ever seen or tried (well the only one as well...) and I am pleased by it, though I'm 11 and a half, this is the best and easiest program for anybody that wants to crack themselves up by the 'Rate' option, and I love this product as i already said, I am going to show my friends it and the wonders i made with it! Thank You.

Atai Ariaz / israel

This has been one of the best programs to mix audio that I have used! It is easy, fun, powerful, just plain awesome! I am wanting to make some mix tracks for a CD, and this program makes it so easy! Also, this program is good for all ages, because I can use it very well, and I am just 14. I recommend it for anyone who wants to make mixed tracks for CDs!

-Braxton Clanton, AL

Wave editing programs are mad expensive and I needed a very simple and easy to use program that inserted markers into my DJ mixes and this program does that flawlessly. Couldn't beat the price. The sound quality is maintained or I wouldn't have gotten this program...PERIOD.

-Daniel Los Angeles

I love this product. I needed some software for mixing songs together for a cheerleading routine and I found this on the web. It's the best tool!!! Easy to use!!! The more I use it, the more my mixes start sounding like they were professionally done. Great work on this product!!

-V Savage Houston

I have, today, downloaded the new version of MP3 Audio Mixer. I have used Acoustica MP3 Mixer for four years now. I use it mostly for editing, recording all types of sound for local radio. In all those years I cannot recall any technical problems. The programme has never crashed, no conflicts with other programmes at all. I have used other editing and recording systems none of them as easy and reliable to use. Congratulations to all on the Acoustica team.

- Mel Cartwright Portugal

Hello Acoustica, I've been searching for an audio mixer and converter [I have many] all over the net for the past two years and GOOGLE helped me. Today by a stroke of luck I got the mixer. It's world class software and I love the freebies offered by you. However I didn't know that for mere dollars I was able to download not only two full volumes of over 100 MB. The freebies offered are great. In fact, your mixer rocks. Thanks for providing rare software at unbelievably low prices. Please congratulate the UK site for providing terrific albums at such inexpensive prices.

- Anil Mahajan Delhi, India

Just want to say that using the audio mixer is really great and simple to use!! I recently won an online rap competition and recorded with Acoustica. I've also been looking for an easy to use program with professional results and with Acoustica I've found it!!

- Joe Harmon Germany

Hey guys. I have used this product for almost a year now, and I can't believe the success I am having. It is so easy to use to create my original mix cds. I can't believe I struggled in the past. It has really increased the level of the playing field for me and made me realize my potential in music mixing. Thanks a lot. Keep up the good work.

- David Philly

Thanks for your great products, I purchased both your MP3 Audio Mixer and your CD/DVD Label Maker and love both of them. They are easy to use and error free. I wish you made a DVD copier and Burner software. I would be the first to purchase it. Yours Truly,

- Gene Waldron

Wow, I am impressed. I just wanted to say this is the best deal on software I have ever found hands down and I do lot of shopping for my company . We now use your product for all our commercial audio editing and so far are very happy. I don't want to spoil it for the new buyers so don't raise the price but wow what a great deal. Thanks!

- Charles Yarbrough CEO DWHS Inc.

Acoustica has been a life saver. I teach high school theater. your program has been so beneficial in our mixing and recording sound for our productions. thanks so much!

- Travis Poe, Director Barbers Hill Theatre Barbers Belvieu TX

For several years now I have been using your mp3 to wav converter and your audio mixer. I find the MP3 Audio Mixer a superb product and it is used constantly to make 'mega-mixes' 'specialty party mixes' 'jingles' etc for my business as a self employed British mobile disc jockey. Thank you Acoustica!!!!!!!


I just want to say that Acoustica MP3 Audio Mixer is awesome. It is real easy to use. I use it for creating a music mix to put onto my home video DVDs. Thank You Again!

- Norm

This is just *the best* to use! I am soooo glad I got Acoustica MP3 Audio has changed the face of the way I work with digital clips on my website! Thanks everyone at Acoustica...great product...I'll tell *all* my friends! God bless,

- Rob

I love this program! I wanted to create a 'soundtrack' for a photo show and this allowed me to edit the length of each song, fade in, fade out and allowed me to overlap the tracks so that the fade in/fade out stayed 'in time'. I was able to make songs longer, by copying and pasting a hunk of the song onto the beginning. It was super easy to learn to use. I created my soundtrack MP3, was able to drop that directly into my photo show program, but what was really nice was having the soundtrack as an MP3, just for listening. I have recommended this program to several colleagues and friends, it's very robust for the price. Thanks!!

- ZimLuvSco LTS

You guys got your stuff together! I came to the website this morning because I though I was gonna have to beg for another copy of my registration code because I didn't keep my old one when I bought the audio mixer program in the first place. I saw the link for lost registration codes and I was like, YES! It's a great program by the way. I'm using it on my laptop do lay down some tracks for a cd my band is making. It's easy to work with...Thanks! Sincerely,

- Eric

This product is awesome! I just unedited my favorite mixed song! Thank you so much for a great product!


About a year ago, I decided to do something about those 7" reels of tape I'd saved from the '70's. But without a reel-to-reel player anymore, it would be expensive finding another. I started searching for a player.. I realized I would also need a way to take it from the player to the computer and work with old tapes, badly recorded, and degraded from 30 years of storage. I looked at some websites plugging their 'Great Audio Software', but the costs were WAY out of my range.. and very COMPLICATED to understand. I needed something straight-forward, did the analysis for me, with minimum help from me...because I don't know anything about audio, and being 58 yrs old, my hearing is about 40% gone. I came across your software one night in my search, d/l'd the trial.. and had 4 songs off a scratchy old LP, FIXED with the Audio Mixer, converted to MP3 and ready to lay on a CD in LESS THAN AN HOUR!!.. Your software was GREAT, FABULOUS, INTUITIVE, and by far the easiest software to understand. I had no trouble understanding HOW to get the jobs done, with minimal questions from the software.. it just DOES IT. You guys have a WINNER package here.. Well, the Teac X-1000R Tape Recorder is here and I have 37 reels waiting for my attention.. Thanks!

- S. Cummings

Ok, I'm going to keep keep this short and sweet. I've just downloaded this program of yours, and might I add, I am so impressed. Audio Mixer is such a simple program to use, unlike the others out there you can pay a heap for. I play guitar, and recording with this gives me the quality I need. I haven't bought the product yet, but I assure you I will undoubtedly purchase this. Good job Acoustica.

- Daniel S. Melbourne

I have recommended Acoustica to all of my clients as an economical but full featured option for recording their web audio. I like it so much I added it to my how-to ebook on web audio (Easy Web Site Audio at ) as the easiest way to get customer testimonials - like this one - on your website. I recommend Acoustica products to everyone who wants to add audio to their web sites and podcasts to their blogs. "Techie" Teri Mramer The busy author of Easy Web Site Audio, Blogging Basics, and Essential Ezine Questions answered, Teri is also the webmaster at where she publishes ebooks and audio books for her clients and at where she teaches clients to become a web master in just 10 online classes!

- Teri Mramer Seattle, WA

I am often creating PowerPoint presentations where I use the specific audio clips. With MP3 Audio Mixer I am able to create my own sound clips by cutting and inserting just the piece of the song. The program also allows me to use parts of the various music peaces and combine them in a great audio background for home videos. The program is intuitive and stabile.

- P.J. Romano Ontario, Canada

I wanted an easy program to use to mix music with and found this great and inexpensive one. I use it to mix my daughters cheerleading competition music. She competes every month and needs fresh new music to beat her competitors. Most competition music runs 150.00 or more to be professionally mixed now I can do it myself and she is in charge of the music not someone else. We love it! Thanks!

- Cheering in Kansas

Finally a product that is simplistic enough and works! I was looking for a program to do what I needed to do and this product exceeded my expectations. This is how software ought to be. I love the features of dragging a clip to make it longer (awesome) and cut and pasting clips or even dragging tracks to play together at the same time, oh and lest not we forget the checkbox in file selection window to let you also preview songs. Yesss!

- Jared

I really like your mixer...... it works fine and I'm having a lot of fun making sound files for my website. Thanks!

- Ernie Kelly

I purchased the original Internet Audio Mix in 2003. It was easily the finest audio mixer...I use the program to narrate my children's story and and to cut and paste sound effects from another source. It is flawless and very precise. You can stretch a sound effect into a loop and use the built in volume controls at each end for fades etc. A mystery story is in the works now. I can't get enough of this program.

- George Owens Jr Phoenix, AZ

I love this product! your best by far I think, I've used the shareware and so then I registered it (and I rarely register my shareware programs) Yes it's miraculous for mixing songs but I personally, use it more for editing language out of my songs, very very very useful, one of the most nifty software programs on my Hard Drive! Thank you so much!


So far I'm very happy - I had absolutely no experience with manipulating sound files and I was able to figure out and accomplish what I needed for our school play within one evening. All I needed was one question answered, about which I wrote to your support team and a fellow named Greg responded to very quickly and got me unstuck and moving (thanks Greg!). I think the mixer was money well spent!

- Jacqui

dear acoustica, first let me commend you on making a great program. i've compared it to numerous others and in my opinion,...there's no competition. the capabilities it offers, for the price you offer, is really unheard of. i totally utilize every aspect of it. from helping incorporate sounds to beats i've made. to adding effects to vocals i've recorded. i use it probably every day. so not having this program would be unbearable. thank you, the hottest up-and-coming producer...


After losing support for a purchased mixer (PCDJ DeLuxe), finding Acoustica's MP3 Audio Mixer was a godsend and was better than I had expected! Using my old PCDJ (which became inoperable after a HD crash), I wrecked quite a few mixes due to missing cues during a "real-time" mix. The reflexes just aren't as sharp now at 55 y/o as they were when I was younger. With your software, this mix wrecking is a thing of the past. Being able to jump to the end of the current mix, load another mp3 and precisely place it where I want it is great! Plus the added ability to do fades and to create some creative effects by using the cut-and-paste has given me greater creative input to my output (uh . . . yeah!). So please pass along my many sincere thanks to everyone involved in Audio Mixer's development. You have all given this old dog an opportunity to learn some new tricks!! MUSIC ROCKS!!!!

- "Sunbeam Hand"

You can't beat the price for a very user friendly program. I use it to remove @#*% in songs. I can change or remove parts of a song and have the beat of the song line up. I also use it to volume level songs when I make best of CDs from many artists. I have taken some of the hard edge of a song by adding echo and even done musical rounds (You Know like row row wow your boat) to spice up a song. When I copy an old vinyl record album its a must for getting it ready for burning a CD. It is one of the most used programs on my computer and I never had to read anything to us it.

- Dennis Drake

Hi. My 2 teenage sons and I have been looking for a program that was simple and easy-to-use for all 3 of us, so we could play around making mashups and mixes for our own enjoyment... so it had to be reasonably priced as well! We downloaded MP3 Audio Mixer last night for a 7-day trial... and bought it online 2 hours later...Well done on meeting the criteria of an old Classic Rock fan with pop dance aspirations, South Africa's biggest Linkin Park fan and an teenage punk guitarist with a taste for epic soundtrack themes! Regards,

- Brian, Michael and Christopher Currin Cape Town "PS Now we are busy testing Mixcraft..."



Got the job done easily and masterfully. Easy to control because of things like the zooming with the scroll wheel. It was very quick during the encoding process. Nice volume, pan, and pitch controls. Very easy to fade in and out different sounds. Great program!!

- Doug

Very Simple, And Worth The Price! This is a very well equipped audio mixer, with very good interface. Recommended for young and old alike.

- J.C.

No More Blank Spots On Your CD's! Exactly what I was looking for. The interface is great and Acoustica is easy to learn because the help files are a tutorial. This download is fully functional, but most important, it's a program that allows me to overlap my MP3's, thereby removing annoying blank spots between tunes on my CD's. Buy it? You bet I did.

- Bob Westerbeck

This program is really neat! I wanted software to use to be able to edit songs. This really does work well. It allows you to cut a section of a song you don't like, and then combine what's left into one song. But really, that's just the beginning...You can merge any kind of sound file (say from movies or other songs) into any song that you wish. Similar to what the music band Information Society did with Star Trek clips. So essentially, you can take any song and create your own remix of it. Just like the publisher states, the only limit is your imagination. I definitely plan on purchasing this!

- "TrapVector"

Does Everything + more! Excellent mixer of MP3s. Will let you add numerous sounds/channels to any existing music or sound. Graphically will show you the end result and you can edit it many times and control volume and phase of the mix at any stage. Gives you FULL control.

- Valero

Definition of Easy and Effective. I tried this software and I fell in love with it immediately. I've tried recording with many other software products but none of them automatically aligns the tracks so well. I recommend you get it.

- "junnytony"

I've been looking for MP3 mixers for a long time....and this one is the best one out there (Easy to use, drag & drop features, save as MP3/wav format, performance, etc.). Highly recommend it !

- Mike

Hello! I just want to say that I really enjoy working with IMIX. It suites very much my needs to edit interview recordings or to put some background to spoken text. Thanks and keep up the good work! PS: As an editor of a dutch internet magazine I know that positive reactions out of the blue are rare. But I think you all really deserve a compliment.

- Roland Prinsen

Really love the program, its so easy its ridiculous!

- Joe Levine Yahoo!Broadcast Music Content Production

I use this product to mix mp3's for Praise and worship in our small congregation. I tried out several different mixers and this was by far the best and simplest. You couldn't ask for an easier program. It fits our needs perfectly.

- Roger Stravers

You guys provide an amazing program to the world! When I downloaded the program I was expecting it to be like some of the other programs that claim to be the best. I was shocked to find your product was really better!

- Jason Marrow

I want to thank you and your company for providing this program. I've worked for 21 years in radio broadcasting and wanted to apply my skills to the Poor Robert's Almanac website. There are some features on my weekly radio show that I would like to broadcast, and your program will not only help me mix features for the show and the website, but it will also enable me to export files of reasonable size. Now I can create the website I've always wanted! Internet Audio Mix is simply the best program I've seen. I've worked with other programs and with professional broadcast studios and could not ask for better!

- Robert Gardner

Excellent, simple and effective program design!

- John Wahl

Hi! I am a novice htmler and I really like you program. It is better then any other audio mixer program! Thanks again!

- Jessica Molina

I have tried several others, and find yours is by far the best mixer for me. Thanks for your feedback!

- David Denovan

I've been quite happy with this easy usable web audio program...Best Wishes!

-Klaus Larsen

You have a wonderful program. So inexpensive, too. Using the rate adjustment I was able to restore a bad tape that would slow down for about 2 seconds at a certain spot (I have no idea why). By boosting the rate at key points I was able to make this glitch tolerably in tune. Thank you!

- Pete Henderson

I LOVE IT! Easy, simple, straight to the point!!! Well done guys!!!

- Dejan V. (Using IMIX on a Macintosh via "VirtualPC")

Got the program installed Sat and within 15 minutes I was mixing! Great easy to use program! Thanks!

- Ed Padget

I would just like to say well done for making a program that can mix so well. A lot of other programs that I have tried have been very hard to use, but the user friendly layout of your product is so much easier to use that I feel comfortable trying more mixing.

- S. Adiki

I am really very happy with IMIX and reach for it first...Thank you for a nice product.

- Sue Morton

Once again you have done a great job with your product. I was reviewing a product similar to yours last night 'Acid Pro' because I wanted to see how it compared and was pleased to find that your product has most of the features that other one has and a lot better price. That was the clencher for me.

- Michael Hanes Michael Hanes Web-Design

What a great program!

- Ben Arnold Harold The Cat

I really do love this program for it's ability to really fine tune songs in pitch (Wow 1/1000th of a percent!!!) and align them so accurately (at least in wav anyway). Keep up the good work!!!

- David Hayes Radio Airthrey

I have enjoyed the program, use it for putting together sound for slide shows involving my scout work. Very useful for integrating sound bites from my digital camera program. Keep it up!

- Danny Langston

Howdy! THANK YOU for the software! EXACTLY what I wanted and needed! ...I have purchased it successfully. Thanks again!

- Tim Huntzinger Hauntedspaceship

Thanks, for the fast response, and the excellent program.

-Michael Linder Producer for America's Most Wanted

Well, I downloaded the product thinking, ok, this is another complex program that probably doesn't work..... Well my hat is off, GREAT STUFF JOE! I've been looking for something this easy and powerful for a while; did a search on Web Crawler for "Multi-Track Recording" and voila found you...I will register by mail. Thanks and Good luck advertising the product, Sincere Regards

- Jon Simms

I've got to admit this is the most useful program that I have downloaded in a long, long time. I'm impressed, keep up the great work!

- Eamon Brooks

Just a brief note to say hi, and also to let you know that I will introduce IMIX into my academic duties this upcoming semester. I will be teaching a class about sound manipulation and digital orchestration, so IMIX will be the perfect tool to demonstrate such principles! Thanks again for such a great program as IMIX!! Best.

-Jorge Guillen

Greetings from Sacramento. I'm a totally blind person and I decided to try your program. It works terrific and it is a hell of a lot easier to edit with then sound forge or cool edit. I sure like the way your program works and I sure can use this in my work up here. Thanks." (For those in disbelief, Don uses Internet Audio Mix via the program "Windows Eyes" which is a voice synthesizer screen reading program..)

- Don Coco

Desde hace unos tres años que compre este producto, creanme que no me arrepiento, ya uqe es un prgrama bien amigable qeunos permite mezclar nuestars canciones preferidas para asi los que tenemois el hoby de la musica creear nuestras propias versiones y creanme ya soy un experto y me quedan muy chidas, le recomiendo este programa, lo unico es que no te acelera o te deszacelera el ritmo de la musica, podrian ustedes los de audiomixer ver si pueden hacer algo con esto, GRACIAS POR EXISTIR, ATTE. UNA AMANTE DE LA MÚSICA.

- Juan Carlos Carvantes Rubio Guadalajara, Jalisco, México

Thanks for such a great piece of software, keep up the hard work! Your site projects the impression that you are dedicated to improving the software, and the release of 1.2 seems to bear that out, so my registration is as much a vote of confidence in the future of Acoustica as it is in the current version. Good luck with it!

- Skevos Mavros MavArt Productions

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your product! It is very eloquent in its operation. Simple to work with and does a great job...I just purchased it because I so much appreciate the fine product you are developing. Thanks.

- Rene Bilodeau

Dear friends, this is to congratulate you for such a fine Audio Gem, you've made my music teaching a lot easier...Keep up the good work. Regards.

- Jorge Guillen

I do appreciate you, for your help and to let you know that this audio mixer has really taught me a thing or two about being a recording engineer! I thank you for that! My dreams have finally come true! I've not gained employment from my experience YET, but I am getting as much education from it as possible. I can't thank you enough for what you have done for me.

- Michael E. Lambert