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Audio Processing Preferences

Automatically Boost Songs That Need It

Automatically Check For Incomplete Songs

Normalize Track Volumes

Automatically Remove Silence



Automatically Boost Songs That Need It rip_burn_cd_img\ebx_-441602879.gif

When you add a song to the Song List, the software will parse it and analyze it to see if it needs a boost. Basically, if the song’s relative ‘loudness’ is too low, it will apply some boost automatically. This saves you from potentially embarrassing and frustrating experiences of burning a song and having to constantly adjust the volume dial!


Boost Setting

Choose from Light, Medium and Strong. Light boost may not be overtly audible, whereas Strong boost might cause a mild amount of distortion.


Warn Me When A Song Is Automatically Boosted

When the software is done parsing a song, this will pop up a dialog to warn you that it has been boosted. The song will also show the boost symbol next to it: rip_burn_cd_img\ebx_-441602879.gif



Automatically Check For Incomplete Songs rip_burn_cd_img\ebx_-1353375936.gif

The software will scan the song to determine if it is incomplete or cut-off too early. This can happen due to partial downloads, partial rips, etc. When a song is determined to be incomplete, you will see the rip_burn_cd_img\ebx_-1353375936.gif symbol next to it.


The algorithm works by testing the volume level for the last 20 milliseconds of the song. If it is beyond a threshold value, it will notify you that it may be a possible incomplete song. The threshold value can be set from 0% (absolute silence) to 100% (half max volume) The default setting is 12%


For those downloading their music, this is a useful option to help avoid burning partial songs!


Warn About Incomplete Songs

When the software is done parsing a song and it is incomplete, the software will pop up a dialog to warn you that it might be incomplete. You will have the option of playing the very end of the sound.


Fade Out Incomplete Songs
If a song is determined to be incomplete, it will automatically fade it out so that it sounds less abrupt. (A very nice feature for songs that are 90% there, etc.) You can specify how long the fade should be.


Normalize Track Volumes

What is normalization? It is a technique to take a low-volume recording and boost its volume so that it matches other volumes.

Acoustica MP3 CD Burner will normalize a track if its volume is different by the specified percentage. Enter a percentage cut-off level that will cause sounds to be normalized.




You can also choose what source Acoustica MP3 CD Burner will use to measure the volume level. It can measure against the loudest track or the loudest volume possible.


Low volume songs are ‘normalized’ to sound consistent with other tracks.


Automatically Remove Silence

What is auto-trim silence? It is a technique to remove silence at the beginning and end of a song. If you want to make sure that you don’t have silence between tracks, set this to a low number.




If the silence is not automatically trimmed, you can always select the sound and then click "Overlaps, Trims & Fades" to adjust the trim.



Set the # of playback buffers and buffer size. If you are experience gaps are static when using the software to listen to songs, try increasing the buffer size. If you’d like the wave form display to be more responsive when playing back sounds, lower the buffer size.