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Player Menu

Play / Stop

This will start playback from the previously stopped song or from the last song selected in the Arrange window. If the last song selected was in the Find window, it will start playback from the Find window. Of course, if a song is currently playing, it will stop playback.

Previous Song

This will play the previously played song. (This will not work if in "Random Playback" mode though)

Next Song

This will play the next song. (If in "Random Playback" mode, this could be any song on the list.)

Random Playback

If this is checked it will cause Acoustica MP3 CD Burner to playback songs in a random order. Otherwise, the next song played will be the next one down the list.

Continuous Playback

If this is checked, when the currently playing song is finished, Acoustica MP3 CD Burner will start playing the next song. If this is not checked, playback will stop when the current song finishes.

Adjust Master Volumes…

This brings up the Window’s soundcard mixer control, which allows you to adjust your Wave, MIDI, CD, auxiliary and master volumes for your soundcards. You should adjust this first and then raise or lower the volume of your speakers for best results.