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rip_burn_cd_img\ebx_-1533995658.gifPlay Your Songs

The playback controls are shown below.



rip_burn_cd_img\ebx_-1943912548.gif Use this button to rewind the current song and start playback from the beginning. If less than 4 seconds have played, it will start playback of the previous song.


rip_burn_cd_img\ebx_-1357495101.gif Use this button to start playback of the next song. (Find or Arrange window.)


rip_burn_cd_img\ebx_-371460158.gif / rip_burn_cd_img\ebx_583068107.gif Use these buttons to start and stop playback.


rip_burn_cd_img\ebx_678803420.gif You can use the slider to restart the playback from a given offset.


Playback Modes

There 2 modes when playing back songs.


Continuous This mode will play songs indefinitely. If it reaches the end of a song list, it will start over from the beginning.


Random If in continuous mode, this will cause a totally random song to play next.


The song that the software will choose to play next will be from the last window that they clicked the rip_burn_cd_img\ebx_1215409615.gif button on. For example, if you click the rip_burn_cd_img\ebx_1215409615.gif button on the Music Library window, then the subsequent songs will be picked from the Music Library. Note that if there is only 1 song in the active window, such as the Find or Song List window, then that song will play continuously. (You never know, someone out there may have intended that. J )


Songs can be set up to fade from one to another, as well. For more info on this set the Fader to "Mix Tracks".