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Acoustica MP3 CD Burner has a trial period of 7 days without any restrictions! After that, you will need to purchase a registration code to continue using the software.


Please donít let the above happen to our programmers!
L All joking aside, we have put many hours into this software and we hope that you decide to purchase the software!

Benefits of Registration

       Unlimited and unrestricted usage: burn & rip away!

       Support Acoustica and future products of the same caliber.


You can purchase a registration code right now and automatically receive a registration code in your email within minutes.




To purchase a registration code, click the "Buy Now On-line" item from the "Help" menu or the "BUY" button on the toolbar.


If you donít have the software up now, visit the website to purchase a code. Go to


Purchase methods

       Credit card

       Pay pal

       Snail mail


The price of registration is not much more than the cost of a large pizza! The price may actually vary which is why it isnít listed here. (More instructions are on the website.)