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Setting Volume, Boost & EQ

You can adjust the volume, boost and EQ of a song. (These settings are applied when burning CDs!)


Bring up this window by right clicking on a song and selecting "Adjust Track Volume/Boost/EQ" or by clicking the rip_burn_cd_img\ebx_-1939135493.gif button.



If a song isnít loud enough, adjust the volume to bring it up or down. Click "Reset" to return it back to 100%.



Boost will increase the "loudness" of a song by squashing the higher volume parts and bringing up the lower volume parts. Click "Use Boost" to turn on boost for the current song. (The effect approaches the sound of the booming voice of a radio DJ on the extreme side. For those that know more about audio technology, Boost is really dynamic compression.)

q     Level
The Boost Level specifies the threshold to start boosting songs. The higher it is, the more it will boost. Be careful, adjusting this setting, as you may introduce distortion, especially if you set it above 65%.

q     Power
This is the ratio that the song is boosted. For example, if a portion of a song is found to be below the "Level", it is then adjusted by the "Power" setting.

q     Reset
This returns the boost settings to the default settings. (Of course, turning off boost will make sure to not alter the original audio.)



By turning on EQ, youíll be able to adjust 10 frequency bands that will affect the tone of the song. This is similar to adjusting the graphic equalizer on a stereo system amplifier. You may also choose a preset such as "Boost Bass", "Boost Treble", etc.


NOTE: We recommend that you use this sparingly. Donít try adjusting the song to your specific computer speakers. The speakers that you play your CD on may sound totally different!


MP3 CD Note: When making an MP3 CD, if you want to hear these changes, you must make sure to choose "Specify Settings" and then click the option "Use trim, volume, EQ, Boost, fading & normalization settings". Also, be warned that this will cause the "Convert" stage to take a long time, as it will have to re-render into new MP3 files.