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Supported CD Recorders

Acoustica MP3 CD Burner supports many CD recorders. If your recorder is a new model and is not automatically supported, we may have released an updated version that supports your recorder. To check for a new version select "Check For New Version" from the "Help" menu in Acoustica MP3 CD Burner. (The best way to tell if your CD recorder is supported is to just run our Acoustica MP3 CD Burner on the machine.)


The latest list of supported recorders can be found at



CD Text Supported Recorders

IMPORTANT: CD-Text is not available if you are using the Gear engine.


CD-Text supported recorders (Assuming you are using the Goldenhawk CD burning engine. See above)


Hewlett Packard 7500 / 8100 / 8200 / M820e / 9100 / 9200

Plextor 4220T (requires firmware 1.02 or higher)

Plextor 8220T

Ricoh 7040 (requires firmware 1.20 or higher)

Ricoh 7060 / 7080 / 8040 / 9060

Sony CRX100E / CRX110E / CRX120E / CRX140E / CRX140S

Teac CD-R56S / CD-R58S (requires firmware 1.0J or higher)


Note that other recorders may support CD-Text although not mentioned in this help document.