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CD Burning Problems

It won't finish the burn or test! You end up with an unusable CD!

The burn fails right after it has started burning the first track (Try turning off ‘Auto insert notification)!

I've tried everything. What else can I do to get it to burn successfully?

It fails right after the burn/test starts!


It won’t finish the burn or test! You end up with an unusable CD! What’s happening and what can you do about it?


It is crucial to not use any software when burning or test-burning an audio CD. The CD recorder must have a non-interruptible stream of audio data. If it is interrupted the burn will fail.


Here’s what you can do to avoid a failed burn or test-burn.


·       Try test burns before doing actual burns!

·       Enable "Burn-Proof" in the Preferences (CD/DVD Recorder) if available! (This is enabled by default.)

·       Lower your burn speed. Your computer may not be able to keep up with the demands of your CD recorder. For example, if you are burning at 8X, reduce it to 4X. Disable virus checkers and screen savers.

·       Select the "Convert to wav files first" option on the Burn window.

·       Do not use any other programs during a burn.

·       Do not use your computer during a burn.

·       Make sure that your computer is well ventilated. CD Recorders can overheat.



Burn Fails - How to turn off ‘Auto insert notification’

You may need to disable something called "Auto Insert Notification" (AIN) for your CD recorder. The problem is that when the table of contents is being recorded, Window’s suddenly "sees" the new CD and tries to read it, which can cause the burn to fail.


To disable Auto Insert Notification, click the Preferences menu item from the File menu. Uncheck the "Auto Insert Notification" item and click OK. You will have to reboot.


Note that after disabling AIN, when you put a CD into your drive, it will not recognize it unless you go to My Computer and double click the CD drive.

You can always turn AIN back on by re-checking the AIN checkbox. Also, when you uninstall MP3 CD Burner it will reset AIN to the original setting.


I’ve tried everything. What else can I do to get it to burn successfully?

1.       Go into your System Control Panel by clicking the Start button, followed by "Settings" followed by "Control Panels". Then double click the "System" control panel to bring it up. Click on the "Device Manager" tab.

2.       rip_burn_cd_img\ebx_-1820940488.gif
Click the + next to "CDROM"

3.       rip_burn_cd_img\ebx_-185489210.gif
Your CD drive or drives will look different. Select your CD-recorder and then click the "Properties" button.

4.       rip_burn_cd_img\ebx_-1660978595.gif
The properties page will appear. Click on the "Settings" tab. If you see the "DMA" option checked, uncheck it and then click "OK". (You may have to reboot.)

5.       Also, if you have a SCSI CD recorder, you can improve the efficiency of SCSI recorders by making sure "Disconnect" and "Sync data transfer" is checked. Click "OK" and you may have to re-boot.


It fails right after the burn/test starts!

Here are some things to try.


·       Uncheck "CD Text" on the "Burn Audio CD!" window if the option is checked.

·       Disable "Auto Insert Notification"