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Acoustica MP3 CD Burner 4.01 Help

Why limit your MP3s to your computer?

Burn music & MP3 CDs.  Trim, fade or boost your songs! Squeeze 200 MP3s on a CD or 1000 on a DVD! What's new in this version?


rip_burn_cd_img\ebx_-1191528710.gif Find Your Songs   rip_burn_cd_img\ebx_1336807362.gif Your Music Library


rip_burn_cd_img\ebx_-1982869331.gif  Rip Your CDs   rip_burn_cd_img\ebx_-1533995658.gif Play Your Songs


rip_burn_cd_img\ebx_-705371471.gif Arrange Your Songs  rip_burn_cd_img\ebx_-1852716876.gif  Burn A CD!


rip_burn_cd_img\ebx_1670856753.gifBuy a registration code and unlock the software for unlimited usage! (If you havenít already! J )



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