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What’s New?

This section contains the new changes, additions, and fixes from previous versions. (We started this for version 2.998 of the software.)


Version 4.01

·      More supported recorders/burners with Goldenhawk

·      Optional IMAPI burning support on WinXP

·      Fix for EQ setting. (Was not showing EQ setting properly)

·      Fix for resource leak.



Version 4.0

·      New burning engines. More supported recorders!

·      Burn on fly for Goldenhawk engine! No more converting to WAV!

·      Automatic fading out for incomplete songs

·      Can trim songs to cut unwanted silence or applause, etc.

·      Fade in/out and overlap tracks to create the ultimate in custom mixes.

·      Automatic boost for better volume balancing -

·      EQ each song and burn them that way.

·      OGG support

·      Brand new 32 bit sound engine – high quality for superior audio results. Even low bitrate files will not degradate in quality.

·      Much improved ‘import’ / sound scan system.

·      Can now set which columns you see in the "Song List"

·      Ability to delete database

·      "Add All Found" button on find interface.

·      Visual waveform eye-candy on player window.

·      Interface improvements

·      Important bug fixes – including some serious bug fixes.


Version 3.01 build 66

·      Detached Gear engine from main install – it is now an optional installation.

·      New Goldenhawk engine 3.9F – more supported recorders.

·      Bug fixes


Version 3.0

·      MAJOR Update! Now supports MP3 CDs! Fit 200+ songs on a CD or 2000+ songs on a DVD! Note that you will need an MP3 player capable of playing MP3s, WMAs and/or WAVs. Computers will also be able to play back MP3 CDs!

·      More supported CDRW drives and DVD burners with both engines (Gear & Goldenhawk)!

·      Progress/fill meter shows you visually how much room you have left on the CD!

·      New splash screen

·      Important fix for some recorders that would not ‘finalize’

·      Bug fixes!

Version 2.998

·      Brand new – high end CD burning/ripping. This engine includes automatic support for new CD recorders and burning CDs on the fly. No more converting to WAV files unless you actually want to! The only drawback to this engine is that the ripping may be a tad slower as we go to a temp WAV file first, as well as we lose the ability to burn CD-text. Also, ripping to memory should be included in that version. The new CD engine comes with its own ASPI and we should see many of the ASPI errors go away. Note that you can also switch to the old CD burning engine if you want to do CD-text.

·      Adds support for Microsoft’s WMA format. (This assumes that they are not digitally protected via DRM.) Will rip to WMA and will burn non-DRM WMA files.

·      Adds more control to import logic. Can select which folders it searches AND which folders to never search.

·      Faster startup and improved the speed of import and library operations.

·      Miscellaneous bug fixes.