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Find Your Songs
       Finding, Adding And Importing Your Songs
       Find A Specific File
       Find Songs By Specific Directory
       Adding Songs
       Scanning Computer For Songs
Your Music Library
       Your Music Library
       Browsing Your Library
       Retagging Your Songs
       Quick Retag
       Deleting Songs
       Playing Songs In Your Library
       Cleaning Your Library
       Deleting Your Library
Rip Your CDs
       Ripping Your CDs
       Identify Your CD Automatically
       Enter In CD Track Info
       Select Your Songs To Rip
       Rip Your Songs
       Speed Rip
Play Your Songs
       Playing Your Songs
Arrange Your Songs
       Audio or MP3 CD Mode
       MP3 CD Wizard
       Arranging Your Songs
       Cross Fader
       Shuffling Songs
       Moving Songs
       Playing Songs
       Deleting Songs
       Undo & Redo
       Copy & Paste
       Open A Tracks Containing Folder
       Trimming, Fading and Mixing Your Songs
       Setting Volume, Boost & EQ
       Creating an 80 Minute CD
       Edit Tag Info
       Locate Songs in the Music Library
       Delete a song from the Music Library
       Special Icons
Edit Your Songs
       Cross Fader
       Trimming, Fading and Mixing Your Songs
       Setting Volume, Boost & EQ
Burn A CD!
       Burn A CD!
       Specifying the Silence Between the Tracks
       Blend Or Mix Adjacent Tracks Radio DJ Style
       Selecting Too Much Audio
       Burn Options
       Burn Process
Menu & Toolbar Help
       Menu Help
       Toolbar Help
       File Menu
       Edit Menu
       Find Menu
       CD Menu
       Song List Menu
       Player Menu
       Help Menu
       Preferences Dialog
       Audio Processing
       CD/DVD Writer
       MP3 CDs
       Ripping Tracks
       Sound Scan
       Remote Database
       Supported CD Recorders
       CD Text Supported Recorders
       How to uninstall
       How to create an 80 Minute CD
       Burning Problems
             It won't finish the burn! You end up with an unusable CD!
             The burn fails right after it has started burning the first track!
             I've tried everything! What else can I do to get it to burn successfully!
             It fails right after the burn/test-burn starts!
             How to turn off 'Auto insert notification'
       Ripping Problems
             I cannot see a CD tab to rip from!
             Skips and pops are in my ripped tracks!
       Playback Problems
             The cd recorded successfully, but it won't play in my home or car stereo cd player
             I can't hear any audio when I try to play songs with CD Burner!
             My Music File CD is playing tracks back in the wrong order!
       General Questions
             How many songs can be burned on a CD?
             Once I burn a cd, can I burn more songs on it later?
             Can I search for a directory or a special programs mp3 files?
             What type of blank media should I burn or record to?