MP3 CD Burner Version History

4.72 (build 154) 09/24/09

  • Fix for failed burn when burning data CDs with M3Us

4.71 (build 152) 07/10/09

  • Fix for computers without a cd burner
Download 4.71 Build 152

4.71 (build 151) 04/27/09

  • Fix for ripping problem in 4.70
Download 4.71 Build 151

4.70 (build 150) 04/16/09

  • New burning/ripping engine. (MUCH MUCH IMPROVED!!!).
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.
  • Only supports XP/Vista now!
  • Default rip folder fix
Download 4.70 Build 150

4.5 (build 145) 07/07/07

  • Fix for rare IMAPI burn crash.
  • Fix for freeze on edit effects
  • Fix for mp3 render corrupted first 10 bytes of mp3 stream.
  • More supported recorders/burners with Goldenhawk.
  • Added Render To File feature
  • Added Transfer feature to transfer files in song list to folder or mp3 player.
  • Sped up parsing of audio files
  • Fixed auto volume balancing preference
  • Added album to clipboard copy & paste feature.
  • Now looking up CD info from Music Brainz if freedb is unavailable.
  • Help file now Vista compatible.
Download 4.5 Build 145

4.32 (build 142) 08/02/06

  • Fix for mp3 creation/ripping. Tags were not compatible with some programs/devices.
Download 4.32 Build 142

4.32 (build 141) 07/27/06

  • Preview mix now playing entire start of second song. Problem was related to starting it too late.
  • Retagging songs in song list now working properly.
  • Fix for uninitialized memory problem during playback. All kinds of potential problems with playback
  • Fix for song list column issues - slider too big and wrong columns after going into prefs
  • Fix for cd text issue / bad cuesheet potential
  • No longer popping up search computer dialog if option unchecked
  • fix for library playback issue
  • Now has better CD text ability
  • Better version checking
Download 4.32 Build 141

4.12 (build 121) 04/07/06

  • Fix for dramatic speed slow down problem when burning with EQ or Boost on a track
  • Fix for crash protection and goldenhawk generic drivers

4.11 (build 120) 04/03/06

  • New supported recorders for Goldenhawk!
  • Crash protection with generic drive emulation and Goldenhawk

4.11 (build 119) 03/22/06

  • Fix for reading & updating iTunes created MP3 files
  • Automatic burner support via Goldenhawk which means more recorders are supported.
  • Find Songs on computer dialog is now optional
  • Minor improvements to fading and playback of transitions
  • IMAPI data CD burn fix
  • Fix for mp3s sometimes appearing with 4 second lengths.
  • Other bug fixes

4.01 (build 116) 01/03/06

  • Editing Mp3 tags from iTunes or any mp3 tagged with version 2 of ID3v2 tag would then not be kosher for things that are strict such as Windows Media Player
  • Fix for renaming folders so that they move to the top - used to crash in commctrl32
  • Burn speed is fixed
  • Overlap, trim, eq settings were being lost after temp files were deleted
  • CD text titles were truncated to 12 characters - fixed.
  • Made IMAPI usage clear in log file
  • With no folders set as mp3 player default, if you did not have folders, it would still warn you.
  • Multiple copies now requires you to push the tray in for subsequent copies.
Download 4.01 Build 116

4.01 (build 115)11/29/05

  • Removed XP Theme stuff - was causing random crashes.
Download 4.01 Build 115

4.01 (build 114)11/16/05

  • More supported CD and DVD recorders (Goldenhawk)
  • New XP theme style
  • Rendering to MP3 now boasts 320 kbps
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.
Download 4.01 Build 114

4.01 (build 113)05/10/05

  • Fixed library corruption issue
  • 'Bullet proofing' of sound loading, import process and burner initialization
  • Edit tag dialog was not showing track name.
Download 4.01 Build 113

4.01 (build 112)04/27/05

  • Removed DRM. Due to the architecture of Microsoft's DRM, we were unable to do any fading or mixing unless we cost the user 2 burns per DRM'd file. This and other limitations made it a useless and slow system that we do not see being successful in the future. We encourage all users to support paid sites that host non DRM'd files.
Download 4.01 Build 112

4.01 (build 111)04/26/05

  • Fix for WMA DRM issues - Added support for "Individualization" which is a security upgrade.
  • Added preference to not get licenses off of Internet if user desires
  • Added Microsoft WMA info to the license agreement.
  • New utilities and fileutil dlls.

4.0 (build 108)04/03/05

  • Was not remembering settings for saved cbs song lists like trim and boost, etc.
  • Fix for not being able to load any WMAs on certain newer XP SP2 machines!
  • Fix for ripping WMAs...was not creating them properly
  • Fix for IMAPI freeze conflict when ripping.
  • Adds support for WMA with DRM. Can now burn files downloaded from new Napster, Walmart and other legal download sites.
  • New IMAPI audio burning engine allows burning for those on XP that are not supported via Goldenhawk
  • Fixes EQ glitch

4.0 (build 96)02/17/05

  • New supported recorders for Goldenhawk.
  • Now can save play list as M3U files.
  • Fix for encoding tags on MP3s and decoding a few MP3s.
Download 4.0 Build 96

4.0 (build 95)12/20/04

  • New supported recorders for Goldenhawk
  • Now ejects CD on multiple CD burns (Ie: burning more than 1 copy)
  • Copy all tracks to clipboard copies in correct order
Download 4.0 Build 95

4.0 (build 94)10/27/04

  • Fixes issue when burning a CD - would get message 'not enough room' when in actuality there was plenty of room. Note that the CD is still usable after this error.
  • Added ability to change temp directory and delete temp files in the General tab in the Preferences.
  • Added accelerator for shuffling Ctrl+L
  • Fixed undo/redo with boost and fading settings!
Download 4.0 Build 94

4.0 (build 92)10/20/04

  • Burning glitch when not fading in particular cases would result in bad sounding transitions. (IMPORTANT FIX!)
Download 4.0 Build 92

4.0 (build 91)10/18/04

  • Was not creating temp directory in some cases!
  • Was allowing semi-colons on ISO 9660 CDs (MP3 CDs!)
  • Fix to playback crash - Thanks to Peter from Sweden.
  • Fix to Gear situation when scsi chain order/drive letters change. Would have resulted in various blank CDs not being recognized or no burner found, etc.
  • Fixed to ripping CD issue. Would not rip files with albums that have trailing periods.
  • Fix to volume adjustment not being set properly.
  • Fix to playback when fading. Now hear it as it used to be in version 3.0.
  • Also may have fixed a crash in this scenario as well!
  • Fix to fading/trimming audio CDS
  • Fix to no normalizing, effects for MP3 CDs.
  • Fix to some failed burns with goldenhawk.
  • Fix to display and copy and paste using trimmed and overlapped lengths if set.

4.0 (build 84)10/11/04

  • Fix reading cdplayer.ini file which could have resulted in unrecognized CDs or crashes when attempting to read some CDs with cdplayer.ini entries
  • Fix for some MP3s with erroneous frames...Will now playback at correct sampling rate. (Very Rare)
  • Fix for low hard drive space situations.
  • Now actually deleting temp files properly!
  • Minor fixes to initial import dialog.

4.0 (build 83)10/05/04

  • New 32 bit sound engine with anti-aliasing. Low bit rate mp3s, etc...will sound no worse than the original - no quality degradation.
  • New sounds
  • New help file
  • OGG - Ogg heads get ready for OGG burning and ripping!
  • Much improved 'importing/scanning' to library
  • Burn on the fly for goldenhawk. No more converting to WAV if you have burn proof - even for mix CDs.
  • Specify fading and mixing per track. Trim songs as you like.
  • Automatically fades out incomplete songs.
  • Auto-boosts some songs so the overall loudness meshes with your other songs.
  • Boost songs (dynamic compression) to make the 'beefier'
  • EQ each song with 10 band graphic EQ.
  • Brand new burning engine - more supported recorders.
  • Change visible columns in session
  • Other misc changes.
  • Bug fixes - of course.

3.01 (build 69)04/19/04

  • New Gear CFG files which means better CD recorder support
  • New Gear drivers appear to fix burn failure conflict with IE.
  • MP3 tag parsing fix.
  • New Goldenhawk engine 3.9F (More supported recorders)
  • Extraction/removal of Gear engine from main install Separate
  • Gear engine installer uses Gear's driver installer.
  • Fix for mp3s not working with Windows Media Player 9
  • Fix for import crashes related to comment tags 2048 bytes
  • Burn order was not preserved for audio CD burns after moving and deleting songs in a specific combination
  • Fix for burning files 4 seconds.
  • Minor bug fixes.
Download version 3.01 build 69

3.01 (build 64)01/27/04

  • Ripping fix
  • Fix for problem when playing a cd track and then initiating a rip.
  • Fixes parsing for some bad MP3 files.
  • WAV files will now tag and retag!
  • MP3 tag parsing much improved.
  • Fixes for entering the 3 day extension code.

3.01 (build 61)12/17/03

  • If in Fast burn mode, it would not wait for it to finish parsing songs...Unfortunately, it was waiting...and yet not parsing.
  • If burning an MP3 data CD/DVD and you were close to the limit, it would have a burn failure.
  • Bug fixes for burning WMA files
  • Fix for situation when drive letters are in the wrong order for Goldenhawk. (Note that you must use the Acoustica ASPI to see this fix. Was not possible to fix with the Adaptec ASPI drivers)
  • Fix for starting a burn with a music CD in the drive. (It now prompts for a blank CD)
  • Clicking on folders in the library are dramatically faster to import
  • When in Fast MP3 CD mode, no need to wait until it parses. Add'n'burn!
  • Bug fix when burning in audio mode with goldenhawk and first time you try convert to wav.
  • Bug fix with real long temp file path names exceeding Windows max due to the old 8.3 dir name.
  • New LAME encoder 3.93
  • Playback mode in MP3 CD mode no longer restricted by folder
  • String resources fully ready for translation!

3.01 (build 56)11/24/03

  • There was a critical bug fix. One was not able to burn more than 255 songs on a DVD! This has been fixed.
  • This build also changes the way you select media size. It is now on the song list window.
  • Better defaulting to Goldenhawk on first run.
  • Changed trial period to give extra 14 days for new versions of software.
  • Defaults to burning on first run.
  • Fix for a freeze when playing CD tracks on a CD tab.

Burner 3.011/19/03

  • Big Update!
  • Burns MP3 CDs/DVDs
  • Auto converts WMA,WAV & MP3
  • Preserves order for MP3 CDs
  • Folders for MP3 CDs
  • Updated Goldenhawk engine
  • Updated Gear engine
  • Using integrated Esellerate engine for purchasing.
  • Misc bug fixes.


  • Important fix! LG drives no longer freeze during finalization with DAO (WRITECD)
  • Fix for LiteOn 32x12x40x
  • Fix for Win98 hang after INITCD or INITCDR
  • Default track names to 01, 02, 03, instead of 1,2,3...
  • Fix for 2.995 not being able to 'see' DVD ROMS
  • Add new 'gear logging' option in preferences as gear log files can get big. (Like 70 MB)
  • READSECTOR & WRITECD now logging Gear info in gearlog.log
  • Fix for burning audio CDs with Sony DRU500
  • Fix for mistaking some CDRW drives as CDROM drives.
  • Commands fail on HP 200j after executing LOCKDRIVE
  • New Gear Library G340_006_08
  • Fix for the Intel Application Accelerator conflict No longer restarts computer!


  • Default the burning engine to Goldenhawk, as it appears more reliable at this point. If no cd recorders are found, we auto switch to Gear. Note this will only happen if you have never installed the software before. Anyone having problems with the old versions, might install this version and then go into Preferences and switch to the Goldenhawk burning engine. We are working on resolving the issues related to Gear, but this will take at least a month.
  • Automatic warning if you have installed the Intel Application Accelerator. There is a conflict when using our software with the Gear engine.
  • Now installing the Acoustica ASPI drivers by default.
  • Fix for audio CDs that have a data track as the first track. This would happen on mixed mode CDs such as a computer game with a CD audio session as the second session.


  • Bug Fix: In some cases, the first frame of an MP3 was getting corrupted by the id3v2 would have resulted in an occasional MP3 with wild looking bitrate info.
  • Bug Fix: In some cases, when launching the cd burner with an audio cd in the drive, it would think that there was a blank cd in the drive.
  • Logging change. We now only store one file when there is a crash which is called 'cdburner-crash.txt'. Also, the user is not notified of this file being created. This will simplify support and still allow us to diagnose hard to reproduce problems.


  • Fix for ripping error prone tracks with Gear and rip retries.
  • Standard open/save file dialogs would not show My Docs and My Desktop on some systems. Launching browser fix (Purchase page and others would not come up. ;0)


  • Big update....and with much internal controversy, this did not become version 3.0. Version 3.0 will be next and will include MP3 data CD creation for MP3 CD players.
  • Brand new CD burning engine supports burning on the fly- no more converting to WAV, unless you want to! Supports 99% of CD and DVD burners! Includes support for ripping, burning and encoding WMA files.
  • Also, note that if you wish to burn CD-Text, you will need to switch the engine to Goldenhawk in the Preferences. (CD-TEXT for the Gear engine is coming in the next release.)


  • Fix for searching Desktops on Win95,Win98 & WinME
  • Fix for crash when trial is expired and you don't enter a reg code. (Was harmless as the program would shut down, anyhow. Due to mem leak in the Acoustica ASPI, we disable polling of the CDR status. This should cut down on mem leaks.


  • Added right click menus to find and library tab so that you can edit tag info, locate songs in the music library and delete songs from the library
  • Fix for some import crashes.
  • Fix for not showing proper find results on first search if song not in library.
  • Other fixes


  • Faster initial load - good for those with 3000+ songs
  • Better support for those with virtual CD drives!
  • Initial query of cd device comes later - for faster load.
  • Other fixes


  • Fixes a library duplication bug (issue with duplicate entries)
  • Can select various CD media sizes.
  • Better auto-sensing of CDR media size.


  • MAJOR upgrade which includes more supported CD recorders, new CD ripping capabilities and music library. Automatically looks up CDs in the FreeDB. Easy CD tag editing for unknown CDs.
  • Writes burnt CDs to cdplayer.ini
  • Can select various CD media sizes.


  • Fixes fatal initial crash on a few Win98 machines.


  • Fixes ID3v2 tag import problem
  • If Acoustica ASPI does not find device, automatically tries default ASPI
  • Better handling of WAV files


  • New Supported Recorders Added!
  • Installer now includes better support for switching ASPI drivers.
  • AIN enabling/disabling for Win2k/WinXP/WinNT
  • Launches Acoustica CD Label Maker if installed.
  • Fixes uninstall to remove program group.
  • Bug Fixes


  • New Supported Recorders Added!
  • Installer now includes optional ASPI drivers!


  • Fixed PLS playlist import bug
  • Fixed bug where it would not burn 44k, 16 bit mono WAV files.


  • New supported CD Recorders added. Unfortunately, our lead tester's CD recorder is no longer supported, which is why we list this version as "beta"


  • Mp3s that did not convert to CD quality would cause the burn to fail or even crash in some cases. I decided to post this patch before I recevied the next upgrade to the supported cdr recorders.
  • (You won't find support for new CD recorders in this build, but you should see more supported recorders by 5/31/01.)


  • Normalization was not audible during playback.
  • Fading was not audible for second song being faded in.
  • Copy & paste problem with track info fixed.
  • Not rendering gaps for tracks converted to wav first when in gap mode fixed.
  • Minor text errors fixed in help.
  • Changed name to MP3 CD Burner.
  • Registration system changed. No more ad track.
  • Limited to 3 burns now.


  • 80 minute hardware detection removed. Now you set it to 80 minute from a menu.
  • Playback freeze fixed
  • ASPI Buffer too big bug fixed.
  • Test then burn bug fixed.
  • Convert to wav without a soundcard crash bug fixed
  • Automatic auto-play disabling during burn on win95/win98/winME
  • Automatic/enhanced AIN disabling support/documentation.
  • Display wrong burn speed on burn dialog bug fixed.
  • Win95 installation bug fixed.
  • Launching multiple CD burner not allowed anymore.


  • Initial release!