MP3 CD Burner Testimonials

"This is an awesome program. I've had it for several years and I think it is one of the best software out there.Thank you for helping me with my technical problem. Good Job! "

—Tom Campbell

"My MP3 CD Burner purchase was one of the best items I've ever gotten off the internet, and I tell many of my friends about your web site and products."

—Tony Franzosa

"I have been using the MP3 CD Burner since 2005, along with the Label Maker. Both are great! Thank you Acoustica, keep up the good work."


"This is the greatest program I have ever used. I love the ability to burn music onto CD or DVD and cross fade it...This program rocks."

—Warren Hancock
New Zealand

"Version 4 is just fantastic - the ability to cross-fade individual tracks is first-class and I've been proudly showing off my mixing talents to friends, who have been really impressed by the end result. I can't recommend you strongly enough - this is definitely the king of CD burning software!"

- Richard Evans
Bristol, UK

"Exceptional in every way - features, price, speed, flexibility, etc. Many of the extra features are very handy such as 1) being able to preview your song before selecting it for your burn, 2) burning CDs in MP3 or WAV formats, 3) can search by type of song, and 4) very rapid song search. I'm up to 22,000 songs on an external HD and this program searches them easily. Others have mentioned burning CDs in MP3 mode that contains 160 songs - those are great! With an MP3 player in my automobile, I can carry a small CD case with 3,200 songs available. Talk about a road trip! I recommend this burner (and the label maker) to everyone who talks about making home CDs. Great product!"

- Joe Location
Portsmouth, OH USA

"I already had your, Label Maker and your Photo program and I enjoy the programs very much. Easy to use and to import pictures to the label maker. I decided to download the, MP3 Burner this morning, (8/28/06). I already had a bunch of songs on the computer. Searched the computer and got the song list. I burned the song list that contained 39 songs. I couldn't believe that I could get that many on the CD. Low and behold I was able to get 39 songs on the CD and only used less than half of the disc. I am an old man, 68 years old and if I can use this program I guarantee that any one can. Good to get a program that gives you more than you expect and every thing works the first time. Thanks for your programs. They make it easy on me."

- Robert Richardson
Brandenburg, Kentucky

"I just had to take a moment to tell you what a wonderful product that you have. I purchased it about a year ago, and have been singing your praises ever since. And customer support is wonderful, having lost my Id, customer service was so prompt and kind. You guys/Gals deserve a Thanks so much, Acoustica Lover Joyce P."

- Joyce Paglusch

"Could not be easier!! Even a non-tech person like me can figure this out. Mixing, burning, copying....YAHOO. AND WOW is the price right or what???"

- Cyndie
Waltham, MA - USA

"Excellent! Finally the software I've been looking for. Since the 70s I've been making my own recordings of music that I have. I constructed a radio station type mixing console with turntables, tape decks & CD players. Before burning CDs of course I'd have to record "real time", but I really liked the crossfade or segue from song to song. It was nice being able to make a playlist in Windows Media Player, but the default space between songs was not desirable, even annoying. Your product solves that and then some! It's even better than I expected since the crossfade can be controlled for each song. I always thought the only way to record the way I wanted would be in one long file, sure enough that's exactly what your product does. I only have the 7 day download but will purchase it tonight from my home pc. (At work now) I'm so glad I kept searching, other products I tried either didn't work or would not even have the crossfade feature. Thanks!"

- Steve
Vernon, Conn

"The Acoustica MP3 CD Burner is simply the best, it's a jam packed professional piece of kit, yet so easy to use... I it's just unbelievable!! I don't think there's any software that lets you mix tracks as easily as this one. Not only that, it lets you adjust the EQ settings as well as the volume and on top of that it lets you rip tracks from CDs and create MP3 CDs too! I was merely on the look out for a software that created an MP3 CD, when I bumped into the Acoustica MP3 CD Burner, I gave it a try with its free fully featured (unlike many other softwares on the net) seven day trial . So impressed, I went for it and bought it for just £17.00 UK. This is what you call Value For Money! But seriously, I'd recommend anyone to at least try the software... and believe me, you will be AMAZED!!"

- Mehul Chauhan
Leicester, UK

"I searched and searched for a CD burner that would burn all my media files to any type of disc. I downloaded over 20 CD burner programs and the only one that would open and burn all my files was Acoustica. It's the best and most reliable program out there. And it's cheap in price and definitely worth it."

- Mike

"This burning software is awesome! It makes my CD's explode with power and makes Microsoft Media Player look like a baby. Thanks!"

- Frederick Brown Location
Greenville, MS

"It's great to purchase a fantastic product and a price the average adult can afford. All the products do what they say and have a good look and feel to them. The GUI is outstanding and very user friendly. Acoustica is one of the best!"

- Thomas Hayden


- Gino Giglio
Napoli - Italy

"In short, I've used both Roxio and Nero software for both burning and making labels and anybody remotely thinking about purchasing any of these two products and laying out a considerable amount of money to do so should have their heads read. The two Acoustica products that I finally purchased and am using are just great, simple to use and give me the results perfectly every time. I wish I would have discovered them years ago. Thanks Acoustica for a job very well done!"

-M. Belinsky
Whitby, Ontario

"I am glad that the months and years of frustration and wasted time with cd burning is over. I could never get a music program to load one cd let alone multiple cd's in mp3 format in the order i set them up until now. You know you get track 1 & 2, then 10,11,12,then tracks 3-9 etc etc. Thanks a $19.95 ACOUSTICA for this great product which has solved all the problems in my entire computer database in hours. No more time wasting, we've all got better things to do."

- Jeff F
Adelaide, Australia

"I had DJ'd in nightclubs, parties and weddings for 15 years. since I got rid of my DJ equipment some 7 years ago I have longed for a way to 'get the mix back' on the computer and of course burned CDs. I have tried 7 or 8 different programs from the internet and none come close to the ease and effectiveness of this one. if it only allowed for track markers it would be truly perfect. even without.... it was the best money I have spent on a program in a very long time."

- Cliff Edwards
Denver, Colorado

"The Mp3 Burner is the absolute best and easiest. I tried several programs before purchasing this one. After the free trial period, I had to have it. It is well worth the investment."

- Melanie Paradise
Pittsburgh PA

"Dear creators of CD Burner. I love your program it is easy to use and i love the features especially the time it takes to convert to wav format....GREAT!...THANK YOU....GREAT PROGRAM!"

- Goran Svraka
Perth, WA, Australia

"This is by far THE BEST CD burner program I have ever used, and I've used quite a few... I've used Click n' Burn, Nero, you name it!... Acoustica burner allows me to make effortlessly easy fade-out/fade-in professional burns... This came in super handy with a CD that had some seconds clipped off the endings and your program made it sound natural as it faded out before the abrupt ending and then lead beautifully into the next song... Besides, this feature makes any recording sound like a dream radio station... The other feature I love is that it corrects audio shortages as it boosts the songs that are sonically lower than the others on the disc... I could go on, but suffice to say that this program is worth every penny and more! I'm glad I got it..."

- Miguel

"A few hours ago I downloaded Acoustica's MP3 CD Burner for a trial run on my new gateway 560 E computer. At first it had problems recognizing and retrieving or playing some songs on my hard drive from I-Tunes and windows media. Then It would not rip songs off previously burned CD's. I rebooted and Zingo most of the problems were gone. I still could not retrieve songs downloaded from the I-Tunes and Walmart web sites. Code blocking perhaps? (Ed Note: The files were locked with DRM.) I will try burning these songs and then ripping them back for retrieval. However, my initial results in burning my first CD's exceeded my most enthusiastic expectations. The cross fading and the audio fix are professional. I know, I was in radio for more than a decade and this software program is light years ahead of I-Tunes, Windows Media, Nero and Napster which I previously have tried and with the exception of I-tunes were preloaded as trial OEM versions on my pc. I will continue to evaluate Acoustica's MP3 CD Burner but right now I am leaning towards buying it. I am 55 years old and I have been looking for software like this for more than 12 years. I still cannot believe what I am hearing! At last, a program to make music my way to my tastes! My mixes my way and for and for a great price!"

- Michael Albani
Jersey City, NJ

"Superb Piece of Software! Just wanted to let you know that Acoustica MP3 CD Burner version 4.0 is a SUPERB piece of software. I've got them all, Nero, Feurio, Roxio Easy CD Creator, you name it, and none of them come close to this gem. It's easy to use, and it does it all. In particular, the mixing and cross-fading capability, and being able to equalize individual songs in a mix is absolutely brilliant. Additional the automatic normalization is excellent. I paid $19 US for this, I would have paid 3 or 4 times that to get a program that does what this one can; no one else is doing it with this sort of ease. For anyone burning their own mixes, this program is a MUST money you'll ever spend. Just wanted to say great job, thank you and Happy New Year."

- Ross Morrow
Vancouver BC Canada

"I got a new computer and was lost without my Acoustica-I had to have it--It's the best---Don't use anything else--Realplayer-Media Player-iTunes!"

- Brandon
Oak Grove, Mo

"Hello to all the team at Acoustica, First I would like to thank you all for the best easy to use burning program I have ever used, along with your label maker I have been using these programs for some years now, I have tried other programs to see if they any better and I just keep going back to use Acoustica cause it's so simple to use, even I can use it! I have had my computers fixed and have now replaced it with a new one, I had no problems in re-downloading the programs that I paid for and continue to receive all the updates you guys provide. Most other company's seem to vanish into thin air but not you. anyway I felt that I should let you known as not often people pass on credit were it's due, well done!"

-P. Singline

"Acoustica MP3 Cd Burner is the "got-to-have" extreme CD burning machine! Great quality, awesome performance and a professional production of custom CD's that just rocks your socks off! I LOVE it! Every teen must own one! Thanks for such a GREAT JOB, ACOUSTICA TEAM!"


"I have the mp3 cd burner and the label maker. They work great together. The Burner does a great job and the label maker is the only one I have found that takes the song titles and information and allows you to print them without having to type the song titles in yourself. This year for Christmas I had more time than money. I made custom music CD's for my family and used the label maker to not only list the song titles, but to also design and personalize the cd cases. The ability to insert graphics and text and change color and resize allowed me to looking CD's labels and Christmas Cards for each person. I used the booklet for the cases as the Christmas card as well as the booklet for the information of what songs were on the CD. Now each time one of my family gets out the cd I made for them they have my special greeting and best wishes along with a great sounding and personalized cd label. Thanks for two of the best products/programs I have ever purchased. Bob MacFarland"

- Robert MacFarland
Houston, TX

"I have used Mp3 CD Burner, CD/DVD Labeler, and MP3 to Wave converter, since 2001. It has been a lifesaver. At times, I make labels, change music and then burn to a cd as a Christmas , Birthday, or just plain gift. Thanks for taking the effort to produce such easy software to use, as your slogan says it is. Easy to use and Easy to support the programs also."

- Gary Carson
Tool, TX

"Thank You for the update. It's great. There are very useful drop down windows to reduce typing. That something great for a 60 year old with 1347 song to manage in this computer. Your system transfer from My Music file in windows, just the way I would want and quickly. I'm very impressed with your program and support system, the best $20 I've ever spent."

- Eddie O'Connor
Nova Scotia

"I run a Internet Radio Station/Podcast and needed good mixing software. I looked all over trying to find one, (I found a few, but they stunk) and I found Mixcraft! It is a very Powerful tool that is great for music composers, singers, and more! I have listed the pros and cons below.

Pros: Great Software Very Powerful and Fast Wide range of features.
Cons: NONE!!!!

I picked up the trial, then registered a few times! I also recommend: Beat Craft CD LABEL MAKER SPIN IT AGAIN! Audio Converter PRO MP3 CD Burner MP3 TO WAVE CONVERTER PRO Mp3 Audio MIXER Photos forever."

- Nincb123

"This is awesome! It is the first software that I have ever actually purchased... I couldn't refuse. It is very thorough and easy as pie to use - I've just added hours to my life. I highly recommend it."

- Dina Location
New York City

"No More Pain!! Hello, for over 2.5 months I've been trying to get Real Player and Windows Media Player to download, play, rip, and finally burn my CD's or TV theme songs from websites...they just won't!!! But Acoustica turns "I will nots" into "I certainly will and how do you want them!". I mentioned pain because I have shoulder problems and sitting at my computer gives me incredible pain, pain from sitting and trying to rip and burn music I love, and couldn't, until I found your software. I purchased your product with 4 days of free trial left because you got the job done with much more ease, sensibility and a great looking layout that is sooo nice to use and look at! Thanks for the best music CD creator on the net!!"

- Jim Lee

"This has got to be the best CD burning program I've ever used. The features are incredible! Very easy to use. I really had no intention of purchasing it when I downloaded the trial version, but I will definitely do so on my home PC! (I'm using a work PC currently.) Well worth the $25 bucks you charge for it. Definitely 150% satisfied!"

- Andrew Spurlin

"This is the absolute best program out there for making MP3 cds. I drive 500 miles to Myrtle Beach to golf and just put in my CD with 160 songs and it makes the trip go faster."

- Butch Paige
McDowell, KY

"I was in radio in my younger years. I missed having the capability to mix, boost ( ride the gain ) and x-fade (segue) and dub. The awful dead air between tracks which is so typical of most cd burner programs drove me to despair. Then your unbelievably incredible simple to use program turned my CD's into masterpieces of audio reproduction. I have given these CD's as gifts or even as payment for services rendered and the response is........'How did you do that? It sounds so professional?'

It is without a doubt the best software value in the market today.

I downloaded the trial version and after a few minor tweaks with the expeditious help from Kevin and Greg it worked fine. I do not know of any company which offers such first class support for a trial version. Imagine how fine the support will be now that I purchased it. Buy with confidence. The Acoustica team cares!"

- Terry Halsey
Jersey City, NJ

"Thanks for the great program ACOUSTICA is great even for a newbie like me. I tried your program ( free download from cnet) it was so fast and easy I had to buy it the first night I tried it. I tried a few others and they were so difficult but your was a breeze, fast and easy - thanks again, Jim..."

- Jim
Mississippi, US

"Your Acoustica 4.0 CD burning software You've made one 65 year old music lover VERY happy! Now I can finally burn my CD's exactly the way I want on my PC. You folks have got the deal-- SIMPLY OUTSTANDING... especially the cross fades! By far, the best $19.95 I've ever spent. Thanks a bunch!"

- Jay Kinney

"I've been a satisfied Acoustica customer for a few yrs. now. When we got our latest computer, replete with burner, programs, etc., I was told I'd never need anything else in my quest for great music, ease of ripping and burning tracks, speed, etc. Well, here I am, back again! Yes, the pc has all that, but there is nothing like Acoustica! The product is quick, easy and the result is quality music. Most of all, the staff is helpful, always available, and courteous. It's the only product I'll ever need for CD Burning. Thanks!!!"

- Patti

"Wonderful, fast & easy to use, my 7 year old granddaughter has managed it without any problems!"

- Eric Wilson
Manchester U.K.

"I've only had the program for a few days and am still learning its power. Love it so far. Easy to use and burn cd's. Buying it was the best thing I've done for my computer"

- Dan McCarty

"Incredibly simple and easy to use. Fast working and intuitive. Fantastic product for a very reasonable price! I only have one thing I'd improve, and that is some way to open up multiple song lists, if your are compiling multiple compilations, to see easily if you have double up on any songs used. Or a way of selecting multiple song lists so a warning may be generated if that song has already been used in another list. I only thought of this as I am compiling 8 different albums for my wedding in September and thought it would save me a lot of time! Otherwise, absolutely fantastic software. Thank you for making my life that bit easier!"

- Simon Newbury
Rye, England

"I have always downloaded programs to burn simple songs on a CD. When I download music, I download mp3's because its a smaller file. I hated having to download an mp3 decoder and convert each and every song. Sometimes the program couldn't find all the songs that I have downloaded. That was tedious. Then the decoder saves the songs as a wav file taking up even more space. Then I have to burn the CD using yet a completely different program. That's too much work just to enjoy a CD outside the computer. But with Acoustica all of these functions come in one; except the downloading. That would be heaven but the program is amazing enough. I can download mp3's now and Acoustica will do the rest. I love how it temporarily converts just to burn the CD. I also love how the program checks and detects each song whether it cuts short or it doesn't sound the same as the others. This program is definitely worth it's price. I'm surprised it isn't worth more. I am so totally satisfied with this program and I have suggested this program to all my downloading/burning friends/musicians. I am so happy to know that someone has created such a great program to make burning music just a little easier. Thank you for everything."

- Naomi
Raleigh, North Carolina

"I don't remember when I started using Acoustica's CD Burning software, I just know that I haven't burned a single audio CD since without it! This software package has been great from the very start! Easy to use, easy to import, easy to find! I have told many friends about it, and the ones who downloaded it, say the same as me....There is not an easier way to make music! The upgrades get better every time, and I can't wait till I can pick up the power pack software! If my experience with Acoustica has been any sort of a measuring stick, I will be upset with myself for not getting the rest of their software sooner!!!"

- Warren Horton
Arkansas, USA

"I have used your audio mixing software, first Acoustica MP3 Audio Mixer and now Mixcraft, and decided to try your MP3 CD Burner software today to burn a CD I had just put together in Mixcraft. I burned 1 CD and immediately purchased the software at the 1st day reduced price offer. It is far superior to the CD burning software(s) I had been using, to go into the specific details would be boring to many folks so I will spare them. The software contains options that supplement Mixcraft in a way that allows you do a final tweak to the project to perfect it prior to burning the CD. This has elevated the quality of the CD's I burn another notch. Thanks, "

- Duoyne McCullough

"I couldn't be happier! This is by far the best burner available. Because of you, I'm able to put up to 165 songs on a single CD with the greatest of ease, even down to adjusting the quality of the track and cropping it the way I want them. Even my 11 year old daughter has no trouble burning her favorites (which change weekly) in MP3 format that can play in her DVD equipped TV. I don't know anyway else to show my appreciation than to recommend ACOUSTICA to everyone I know (and some that I don't), that are looking for a burner that's easy to use and has great features. Thanks again for a great product!"

- Mark Bukala

"Dear Acoustica Team, With regards to the mp3 burner, I consider this product head and shoulders above any other in this category. I have found it to be totally error free, and am amazed at the versatility of this software. I have recommended this to all of my colleagues, and will be on the lookout to see what your marvelous team will come up with next. Yours most sincerely, John Jurss

p.s. Your support service is excellent."

- John Jurss

"Thank you for your quick response today. I am already enjoying the Acoustica MP3 CD Burner 4.0 software. As you say, Acoustica - 'Software should be easy to use!' In my opinion, Acoustica MP3 CD Burner is very user friendly and delivers exceptional performance, moreover, it offers X-Fading which is the key feature that I was the most interested in! Most Sincerely,"

- Greg Dahl with Absolute Music Service
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

"This is the smoothest burner for music cd making around. It is so easy to listen to the music chosen, to edit, to move around .... I have just downloaded the newer version, which just made easy even easier.... so nice to have it let you know that a song may not have a full ending, and then play the ending for you so that you know if it is as you wish or not. I so enjoyed the CD burner when I bought it several years ago that I bought the label maker........ which is a must have with the burner. And then bought Mixcraft. Acoustica is a brand name that I am very pleased to suggest to others, and very comfortable purchasing for my self. NO disappointments with this product!!"

- Maureen Peck

"I bought Acoustica software when I first found out about how good it was. I bought almost all your programs. All that you had for sale at the time. Recently, I had to reformat because of a virus and lost a lot of programs and because I had bought them over the internet I did not have a disk or the serial number, so now I can buy the programs again or just face the fact that I lost all that money and programs. I love my Acoustica Burner and other products because they work and I got my moneys worth. I have e-mailed Win DVD 5 several times for help, and at the time of the reformat I saw a new upgrade to that I was going to buy when I got around to it. Not now. I can't even get them to answer my e-mail. They got my money, but they got all of it they are going to get. NOT SO WITH ACOUSTICA! I sent my information yesterday, and I got home at 4:AM from work and sure enough there was all my programs and serial number's. Thats what I call support and service. You guy's/gal's have a real relationship with your customers that is solid as your fine products. I can't think of another internet company I can say that about. You put the BIG ONEs to shame. I'm 59 years old and buy on the internet all the time and I know your service and product will be around for a long time, and I going to tell people about this. Just as I'm going to tell them about the WIN DVD's. Thanks and God Bless."

- COL Chuck Lewis

"Incredible! Your product is so user friendly. I've dumped some more expensive programs that don't perform half as good as your product. Thanks!"

- Gary Lang
Staten Island, N.Y.

"After trying various different programs, ACOUSTICA'S MP3 CD BURNER is THE BEST! In addition to being easy to use, this wonderful software took care of my ripping/burning needs at the best price I have come across!"

-Wilfredo Salazar
Portland, Oregon

"I just wanted to e-mail you and tell you how happy I am with your software I just got the full version, I have been using the trial for 2 day now and love how simple it is to use and how great the CDs sound...Keep it up! ...."

- Ian

"I have tried several programs for burning CD's and have found Acoustica's software to be the best of the lot. I tell everyone that I talk too re. burning CD's that Acoustica is the way to go. I will be moving soon and when I am set up at my new location I will be getting a couple more of your software, ie mp3 audio mixer, the label maker which I have tried and I like. What ever you people are doing you are doing it right and keep up the good work, very much like your products. Thanks for your time.."

- Bob Cuff
Victoria, BC Canada

"I design systems for a living but have no desire in learning how to edit audio tracks manually so my music CDs sound half way decent when I play it in my car stereo. After getting disappointing results with Nero and Roxio and wasting about a dozen CDs, I decided to download the trial version of MP3 CD Burner due to the testimonials on your site and on the reviews on the web. After installing it, I decided I couldn't lose much if I took you up on your first day discounted price offer. I really didn't expect much because of the low price but this product is the best buy I've made in a long time. It is intuitive and takes care of so many things about burning music CDs. The transition from one track to another is smooth and professional sounding and it was all done automatically for me. I will definitely recommend this software to my friends. Thank you for making a great and useable product!"


"My name is germain gamache (french canadian retired) my profession was mechanical engineer. I found your **mp3 CD burner is very easy to utilize (to use) compared to others."

- Germain Gamache

"I've had this software since the first version became available on the market. I've had other cd burner software which never seemed to work usually took 3 cd's to make one good one! Acoustica has made it a "Burning For Dummies" approach with this product. Believe me, it doesn't get any easier than this! Did I mention the options...Killer, this burner does everything! Acoustica is awesome at listening to their customers opinions and suggestions; thanks for all those upgrades! Keep Rockin' Thanks so much!"

- Jim F.
Cleveland, OH

"Your cd burner program is soooo easy to use. This is the only program i would recommend to anyone wanting to burn cds...its so easy to find songs and import your songs into the library!! thanx again and i am happy :)"

- Raj Kaushal

"I purchased Acoustica a while back and was amazed at how easy to use but still feature filled the software was. Since then MP3 CD burning support was added along with noticeably more stable burning and conversion algorithms. This is truly the best piece of software I've purchased in a long time and I'm a software developer so I purchase a lot of software. Thanks for making great software!!"

- Ben Erridge
D-Town MI, USA


- Gary

"I am a passionate user of Acoustica's MP3 CD Burner. The latest changes in the 4.0 version are spectacular and allow a level of quality and control that was previously unimaginable. Add your consistent and complete online support to the deal and you can only produce fully satisfied customers..."

- Brendan Maloney

"Dear Sir/Madam: The new burner version 4.0 is greatly improved. It is so much better now that I am able to control sound production. Your development team deserves a pat on the back - from one happy customer!"

- Victor Shaw
Huddersfield, United Kingdom

"I've been trying tons of programs to burn cd's, but they didn't work. Windows Media Player didn't allow me to burn a cd, and when I did you couldn't hear sound. Real Player made you save the files and it was very complicated. Now, finally its easy to burn a cd with no hassle! I can cut out silence, even mix the songs together to save room! NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL A GREAT PRODUCT. THANK YOU SO MUCH ACOUSTICA FOR THIS GREAT PRODUCT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


"MANY THANKS FOR AN AMAZING PRODUCT! Your MP3 CD Burner is extremely user-friendly; as far as I'm concerned, it is borderline perfect! The quality of your products is outstanding!"

- Madeline Redmond
Montreal (Qc) Canada

"My name is Wendy Birch. I was 50 years of age when I first downloaded your trial offer (a few years back now). The new CD burner I bought was terrific but the program that came with it expired and I was lost! Tried your program and felt like a computer expert! Computer literacy is not my forte so I thank you so much for having such a simple and easy to understand products! My old songs are now organized and when I do anything for my family or friends it looks so professional that they think I'm really clever! Thanks for doing all the hard work and making it easy for me to look so good..........! Sincerely,"

- Wendy Birch

"I just recently upgraded to the Burner 4.0 and I must say, this is the best thing since the Internet! Love It!!!!

- A. J. Wise

"Thanks Acoustica, you may have saved me from purchasing a new Mp3 player for my car. I just bought a new 04' Mercury Mountaineer that had an aftermarket DVD installed it, able to read MP3 files. Only problem is, it would never recognize all the songs that were burned to the disc. It wasn't even close either. Some discs would read 50 out of 90 songs and some 15 of 90. One only read 4 of 70 songs. On other MP3 players, all these songs would play. I thought it was a defective player, but after downloading your trial version, I found out it was the software that burned it. Now all my songs can be played. I just have to re-burn them. Jeers to Nero. You would think being one of the biggest, they would be one of the best. Just goes to show, huh. Thanks again Acoustica!"

- Bob B.
Parma, OH

"This is a great burning programme! I've thoroughly enjoyed finding my way around it a couple of glitches were easily sorted on the help menu. I've only been using a rewriter for a short while and if I can use this software anyone can, there's a lot of fun to be had on the tracks messing around with the fade and trim. A pleasure to use."

- Les Lee

"This software is great. Thanks and keep the good work."

-Nikolay Lachev

"I purchased MP3 Burner several years ago and also CD Label Maker. I have upgraded several times and have never had any problems with either of these programs. They are fantastic and so easy to use. If I ever needed help or had a question I would send an email and always received a reply immediately. The support is wonderful. I have tried other burner products before and none of them compared to the quality and convenience in using these two products. As far as I am concerned, they are both the best on the market. Thank you guys for the wonderful software."

- C. Nabors

"Hi! Just a word on your mp3 cd burner! FANTASTIC! Thanks to you all!"

- John

"Does so much and is very user friendly! I have been using trial versions of cd burning programs to see what ones I like best before purchasing. I had heard great things about Nero, so I used it for 30 days and I liked it but it frustrated me that I couldn't do some things I wanted to do, or didn't know how. I used a couple others after Nero, but was very dissatisfied. I downloaded the trial version on Acoustica and I LOVE it. your play list of songs is right at your fingertips and is arranged by song title, not file name as most burning programs do. It scans every song and tells you if the song is incomplete and boosts the quality/ volume of lesser quality songs. You can also do things like fade and mix songs. There is also an equalizer feature that allows you to adjust the bass, treble, overall sound of any song. There is probably a lot more than what I have used within this program, but just from what I have experienced with this program, I would definitely recommend it. I don't normally buy software for my computer, I get them though friends or online, but i will definitely buy Acoustica!"

- Amanda

"Great product guys!! Used your burner on a free trial and is definitely worth the purchase price. Will recommend to friends here in the UK as it beats the stuff we can buy here for both quality and price. Keep up the good work!!!"

- Nick Gregory

"Great Product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I recently had a problem, and the response from the support center was extremely fast and helpful (easily understood). THANX A LOT - Keep up the good work!"


"Your MP3 CD Burner software ROCKS!!!!! Before I came upon Acoustica - I went through a lot of coasters, read a lot about how to avoid the pit-falls of CD burning, tested a lot of CD burning software programs including all the free downloads out there. Then came the Acoustica MP3 CD Burning software!!! I found this through the CNET download website. Used it through it's trial period and then purchased it through your web-store. I can seriously claim that I have burned over 20 CDs in the span of a few weeks that I purchased the software and SUCCESS EVERYTIME! NO MORE FAILURES!!! I say this mainly because my machine is pretty slow (333Mhz - 2.3G HDD- yeah I Know!!!). This program shows it's compatible with slower machines like mine - and that I think is what the other programs don't seem to take into consideration. Great job guys!!... I can't say enough.... You have a satisfied customer for life - I now tell everyone about the Acoustica MP3 CD Burning software wherever I go. Wouldn't hesitate to pick up any other product of yours -when the need arises in the future - I can assure you !!! Great customer service too!!"

- P. Desou

"Don't usually borrow to take the time to fill in questionnaires. Had to write though and confirm that when Acoustica say it is user friendly software they really mean it...I was impressed especially after persevering for many years with ECDC and NERO which both crashed completely after the recent SP2 installation. I have now purchased the Acoustica Power Pack and have still to try out the other packages but on a first run-through they look just as impressive as the CD Burner..My only worry is that I hope Acoustica doesn't sell out as I think they could very soon be competing on a level par with the big guys. Regards,"

- John from Glasgow in Scotland - Nov 2004

"I'm 72 years old never seen a computer heard of them, had a stroke, and my wife bought me one to work my mind with the burn cd 's on my computer wasn't self explanatory & I bothered the developers too much they called me & then I found cd burner .com. my mind only has to get the songs and cd burner will do the rest & make the labels as well! Great stuff!"

- Scottie Mellott

"THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for a great product that REALLY WORKS and cannot be surpassed for its ease of use, and if that is not enough you also provided a upgrade at no cost, now i ask you WHO WOULD DO THAT ?????? I WAS REALLY IMPRESSED, anytime the conversation is about cd burners i promote your product, thank you again for my upgrade it will be used and used and used, you're a CLASS ACT!

- Vahogg

"Dear Acoustica Team, Congratulations on creating one of the most efficient and usable CD/DVD Burners that I have had the pleasure to use. I have a DVD player called the V-Link PDV104 DX. I have consigned my collection of about 2000 vinyl albums to DVD. I wrote the music in MP3 format at 320 bit rate and the result was absolutely magnificent. It seems that the V-Link and the Acoustica CD/DVD Burner go hand in hand.I will be writing about the burner in the PRODISC V-Link forum, and will happily recommend your product for anyone that wants something a little out of the ordinary. Please keep up the good work! Yours Sincerely,"


"Great product! Very easy to learn how to use it. Switched to your product from Roxio's CD Creator which failed to worked after Windows Update Service Pack 2. Yours is a much better product anyway and I wouldn't switch back to their product even if they fixed the problem (which they won't)-they want all their subscriber to buy a high priced new product, Roxio Media Creator. Thank you!"

- Walter Rubin



"Great products. The Burner and the Label maker are so easy to use, even for us Brits across the pond. Keep up the good work!"

- Paul Booth



"The Acoustica burner is the best burning software I've ever used and your customer service has been better than I could ever have thought possible, I've had to redo my computer a couple of time and you guys are always great about sending me my code every time I ask for it even when the software had been updated, (I've done this like ten times in the last couple of years)! Thank you for making such wonderful and inexpensive products!"

- blue16112

"I have been using this CD burner basically non-stop. I was using my windows media player, and find that this software is so much more user friendly. I have all intentions of purchasing this product, but with the Holidays here at this time, things are tight! I'm hoping with my Girlfriends next check <next week> I will be purchasing it than. Until than I appreciate the free trial, and will definitely be purchasing it within the week. Just wanted to let you know I'm very happy with the product, thank you so much for the extra day!! Sincerely,"

- Jim J.

"Not better.... THE BEST!!!! Due to my XP installation, nothing had been working to burn audio CDs. Most programs have been poorly supported for XP. I installed this and it didn't hesitate to use my old Burner. It not only has an easy/well-defined layout, it looks great and even analyzes songs to see if they are optimal, or complete for that matter. Hands-down best audio burning application I've ever used. Two big swollen thumbs up."

- the warrior

"Dear team at Acoustica, I absolutely love your mp3 burner and cd label maker which i have been using for some time. The updates are most enjoyable and i love your customer support. I am a semi retired professional and love my music which i often download and so get an enormous amount of use out of your products...Thanks again Team...and keep up the good work!"

- Karen

"Lovely tool. And I really appreciate your strong support! I was just sending one email to you and get a one day reply with all requested information! Now I can work on Version 4.0. Thanks. Very neat is the way to "mix" mp3 files!"

- Ross Bohlen

"I was so impressed with your mp3 burner (that I just purchased) that I went ahead and also bought your CD Label Maker as well-even though I already have several already (like Sure Thing). Yours is much better and easier to use. Again congratulations on all your fine products and I hope to do more business with your company in the future! Thank you!"

-Walter Rubin

"Bought this product recently along with the CD/DVD label maker and find them both very easy to use. Much better than any I have used before."

- Gary Hall

"Wow, you blokes have been busy!! The added attributes to MP3 Burner are just the ticket, allowing for all those little extras I need. I convert up to 10 LP's every 2 days, and with your new choices of fade etc & boost my finished products are going to be so hard to beat. Bonza Bewdy Mate!"

- Frank Hill
West Oz

"Brilliant !! Excellent!! You must get this software... Just wanted to say, I bought an MP3 CD Player yesterday and not knowing much about MP3 burning, I downloaded the trial version of Acoustica when I got home after reading up on the basics of MP3 formats. Acoustica is the most easiest program I've come across yet. I was so impressed, I ordered the Power Pack this morning (and with great service too). All my other CD burning programs are getting thrown out tonight! Would recommend this to everyone. Well done. Can't praise it enough. Only trouble is now, I'm going to have to buy a new stereo with built in MP3 player...."

- Kareng118

"I want to say THANK YOU!!!! It worked perfectly after I downloaded the drivers like you instructed and burned some mix CD's for a party this Sat. You really saved me. You guys also have a very quick response time which I loved and you even sent me a follow up email on SATURDAY. You guys are the best. I for sure will buy your products. Again, Thank You,"

- David R.

"Hello Good People, I'm really enjoying the MP3 CD-Burners fantastic and easy to learn attributes, I chose Acoustica because I have been using the MP3 To WAV Converter for some years now, and it performs faultlessly. I am soon to 'again' load XP onto my main computer system, my previous attempts to have my ROXIO program behave correctly under XP were disappointing, indeed the Roxio Easy CD Creator-Platinum, behaved like a delinquent. (My emails to Roxio for support were, as always ignored). I'm so happy with my Acoustica products, I have uninstalled the 'Accursed' Roxio. Many thanks for for the great product and support, "

- Frank Hill

"By far the best burner/cd ripper and is very easy to use. I have tried many, I even bought a radio that plays mp3 and the sound was as good as the originals!"

- Patrick Carrigan
Longview, WA, USA

"Just bought Acoustica MP3 CD Burner, this is the third product I've bought from Acoustica, and would just like to say what a pleasure it is dealing with you, from the superb products to the painless purchase, you guys (and gals?) rate as number one in my book. Someday all software will be this way! Regards"

- Stuart

"Hi I just downloaded your CD burning program and I have not even made a CD yet and I am in love with it. I just can't say enough. I have Cakewalk, Nero and Roxio and this is the best thing that I have ever experienced. I teach aerobics group exercise, so I am constantly making CD's to teach classes! Thanks and keep up the good work,"

- Millie

"Best piece of music software I have ever seen, downloaded the trial version and bought the software the same day. Works to perfection and is so easy to use."

- D. Atkins

"This product is great. Easy to use, a real powerhouse for the money. I used to use three separate programs to rip and record CD's. Not any more. And you're right: software should be easy to use. Thanks again for the privilege of letting me buy this program."

- Rick

"I'm a person of few words! Plain and Simple. This is the best burner s/w out there!! Thanks!"

- Eric from Waterloo

"Nice job, you guys! Somebody really did their homework on this one. This is one of the few software programs that I know of that was well thought out. Way to go!"

- JS Mank

"Just registered, have used your trial version for 4 days and after you responded to a question I had about its use I figured; an excellent product and a good, fast and reliable tech support team with a very reasonable price, wow!!! Very happy! ( PS. from a computer challenged user.)"

- Dave

"Acoustica is the best mp3 burning software I have used, and I've downloaded and sampled several. better than Nero. I'm running Acoustica on XP and have had no problems. In fact, never has had an error nor failed to complete a cd (no coasters). easy to use and makes "professional" dj mixes. Look no further - get Acoustica. Highly recommended."

- From C/Net's

"The Best! I've used them all! Acoustica is simply the best! Burn for burn it is more successful than any other! Thanks for actually creating a 'better burner'. Thanks for Acoustica. "

- Warren

"This product is the simplest and most efficient burning software I have ever used. I am new to converting MP3 files and this product is exactly what I need. Well done to the developers and keep the products coming. Price point is just right! ***** rating!"

- Pat

"I have been a happy owner of your software for almost 2 years, possibly 3. Your product is fantastic!!! I am extremely happy with it. I just wanted to share that with you because I assumed that most messages you receive are either complaints or requests for assistance. I figured you deserved a little (no, a lot) of praise for putting together such fantastic software. Thanks for reading this pointless message, a very pleased customer,"

- Bobby Dorse

"What a great program! I am a registered user of MP3 CD Burner and the cd label program. Today was the first time I used the MP3 ripping. I have used other
programs before but this is the best. Put cd in press rip and that's it. How easy is that. I also own full copies of Musicmatch JukeBox and Nero 6. Both of which are cumbersome complicated and take too much effort. 3 mouse clicks to rip a CD is the way to go. Well done all of you and remember. Keep it simple and you will always be the winner."

- Dale Brookes


"I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say that I have sampled approximately one dozen programs prior to Acoustica and for my needs your CD burner program is by far the best...I love You Guys"

- T Watkins

"ONE OF THE BEST CD BURNING PROGRAMS!!! This program works so easily you will be amazed. Its very straight forward and quick. I recommend this program for everyone who likes to burn CD's quickly and easily."

- Anderson

"I spent the whole week looking for a software that does exactly what Acoustica MP3 CD Burner does. It was pure joy when I found it on Tucows. Without any question, this is the single most fun software I've ever owned. Kudos to you!"

- Barrington Scott

"Hi there, I just bought your software and have to say its easy to use and its just great. I use to find cracks for shareware when i was a student but now since,i am working i suppose i must support developers like yourself who put in hard work to come out with the software. I too am in the IT field and knows how hard it is to program stuff. Again, CD Burner is an excellent product and hope you will be encouraged to improve the software. Thanks again."

- Vincent Gong

"Dear Sirs, I have used quite a few CD burner programs, and I must say this is by far the best one yet! The versatility, quality and ease of use makes this program the BOMB ! (meaning excellent). I am so glad I found you guys when I did........................ Keep up the good work."

- Magic Mike



"Just a quick note to say thanks for a great product. I purchased easy CD creator to go with my yamaha CD writer. It wouldn't burn to disc and after a couple of weeks of frustration and unanswered e-mails to the adaptec help desk, I downloaded the MP3 CD burner from and it worked perfectly for the four free burns. I'm no computer expert, I just want software to be extremely easy to use and work without errors and problems. CD burner did all of this so I had no reservations spending the small fee to register for unlimited use. Again, thanks for a product that you don't have to be Bill Gates to use and one that does exactly what it advertises with no fuss."

- Mike Manchester

"Your program is, for the price, the easiest and MOST RELIABLE burning software I have found to date. My CD RW drive shipped with Adaptec's Easy CD Creator v.4.0. The only thing I can RELIABLY create with that program are beautiful coasters...keep up the great work!"

- Steve Silvi

"Just a note to say that I have been using CD burner for a few days now and have found it to be great - I only use adaptec for data now! Have also recommended this to a few friends."

- Alan Osborne

"Best burning program: Easy to use, Very user friendly I like the fact ittells you if song is incomplete or if you run over time, Fade tracks. Burns C/D's,MP3's, Std.Music or MP3 Music on to DVD 4.7Gb. The best customer service I've EVER dealt with. Thanks! (Customer 4 Life.)"

- Dan

"The BEST Buy around! This burner is so simple to use and there are so many extras offered that no other program can compete with, and believe me I've tried a lot!! The cross faders are simply amazing, the normalization of tracks can be set automatically (makes things easier to me!), the process of searching for songs is so effortless and incomparable and the incomplete songs analysis helps those of us who download cut-off files unknowingly, a great feature! This is truly amazing, I can't believe it myself! It is totally worth the download, and the very modest cost. "

- Zzargo

"Acoustica makes some of the most easy to use software I have ever used, they set the standard. MP3 to WAVE converter and CD Burner are some of the most popular software on our site....people don't just download, they buy. Keep up the great work!"

- James Rosenquist

"This is awesome. Never have I found such a good CD burner with all the features. It has Cd-Text with Burn Proof. It does everything for you. I have not made a bad CD yet. Most other burners, it is a 50-50 chance of failure when i burn at high speeds (Nero, Adaptec, Roxio). This burning program makes it so I don't have to worry. There isn't enough room for me to talk about how good this product is. Plus it is cheap."

- Garrett

"Simply perfect Bottomline, simple. One of the better softwares in the market. I've used numerous programs including NERO, and take my advice, if you want a simple yet effective program, get this!"

- Daniel

"nice prog well worth the money thank you"

- James Pierson

"Thank you so much for your quick response my order and money are on the way you should have it sometime Friday. I'm glad to finally deal with a company that has a caring respect for its product and its clients. If anyone ever speaks bad about your company tell them to see me. Let me say that I have tried alot of MP3 software and none has made me happier than your new burner software."

- Anthony Foye

"I love your software. It's the best I've found... including those guys that charge big bucks (only to have it not work on some burners). Jobs well done should be acknowledged. Consider this acknowledgement."

- Annie Truitt