Audio Converter Pro released!
 Label your summer CDs & DVDs
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July 2004
Edition #15
Acoustica Audio Converter ProAcoustica Audio Converter Pro 1.0 ready!

We've released it and it's ready to download!  If high quality conversions are important to you, you need this upgrade.  Listen to a test comparing our software against several competitors.

The normal price is $34.95.  Registered users of MP3 To Wave Converter or the Power Pack can get it for $9.95 via this upgrade link. And, up until August 1st, registered users of any Acoustica software products, can get it for $9.95 as well via the upgrade page. 

This user friendly audio converter will convert MP3, WAV, WMA, CDA & OGG files with just a right click! It seamlessly integrates into Windows and is always accessible without having to bring up a clunky, screen-hogging interface. It has a high quality 32 bit converter engine that makes pro quality conversions to and from the most common audio formats. An integrated audio CD ripper is also included! Just right click on a CD track and rip or convert it to WAV, MP3, OGG or WMA file! Professionals will find this tool indispensable. Home hobbyists will find Audio Converter Pro a very handy addition to their arsenal of audio tools.

Acoustica Audio Converter Pro Screenshot
  • Convert freely between MP3, WMA, WAV and OGG
  • Convert to and from higher sampling rates and bit depths up to 192kHz, 24 and 32 bit.
  • Convert songs directly off a CD by right-clicking on a CD track or CDA file.  (Also known as 'ripping')  Automatically tags the new files via freeDB.
  • High sound quality and anti-aliasing!
  • See all the features.

The normal price will be $34.95.  Owners of Acoustica MP3 To Wave Converter will be able to upgrade for $9.95.  And during the initial release until August 1st, owners of ANY Acoustica product will be able to purchase it for $9.95.

Download it now and give it a spin.


--   A C O U S T I C A    A U D I O    C O N V E R T E R    P R O    --

More Info    -    Download Free Trial     -     Purchase
(Introductory price of $34.95 !)

Label your summer CDs & DVDs
It's getting hot.  So when you're burning those CDs and the fan's not spinning fast enough or the air conditioner is wheezing out its last spouts of luke-warm air, don't forget to label your CDs and DVDs!
A nice day in beautiful Santa Barbara on the beach!Excessive heat can cause memory loss and what would be worse than forgetting what's on your CDs?!?!  ;)  Was it your wife's candy pop album or your death metal 'gotta get there-commuting to work tunez'?  Get our CD/DVD Label Maker before you lose your mind! :)

Did you know that Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker supports those new printers that print directly on the CD or DVD?  Now you don't even have to use a label!  Download the free 7 day trial or just buy it now for $21.95.

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