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Spin It Again 1.1
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Newsletter Feb. 2006
Ed. #27
Spin It Again 1.1 New!
Get Spinning! How can you improve on the easiest way to convert your records and tapes to CD or MP3?  By adding a powerful click, pop, crackle and hum removal system!
Spin It Again not only makes it easy to record your LPs and tapes, chop them up into tracks, burn CDs and create MP3s, but it now makes it a drop down away from making the recording sound brand new, just like you bought it years ago!  It's so good that we feel justified in actually bragging about it.
Remove Clicks, Pops, Hum & Crackle!

Just listen to these audio cleaning examples!  In each case, we made the recording, selected a cleaning preset and saved it as an MP3.  Click on a link below to hear the before and after.

Beans - Original Beans - Original.MP3 (Before) Beans CLEANED! Beans - CLEANED.MP3 (After)
Blues - Original Blues - Original.MP3 (Before) Blues - CLEANED! Blues - CLEANED.MP3 (After)
Spin It Again runs as a wizard and includes a friendly 'voice assistant'.  The voice assistant guides you through connecting your record player or tape player to your computer as well as helping you to get the ideal recording level.  After you record a side or both sides of your record, select "Clean Anything!" from the Effects drop down box to quickly clean any noisy recordings.  Type in track names, if desired, and mix down to MP3 or burn a CD!
Purchase Spin It Again!

(If you've purchased a previous version of Spin It Again, your upgrade is free.  Just download the new version!)

"Since my records are from the seventies, it wasn't hard to find a side with clicks and pops. Click and pop removal was really easy to use and did a great job. I did some cross checking using two other programs for sound quality. I recorded 3 CDs and played them in my car. There was a drastic difference in sound. Yours was clearly superior! Bass and high frequencies came through clear and strong. The entire sound spectrum was very rich. Background noises did not come through. The other programs are really weak and need loads of work! Some of their noise reduction routines distort in the higher frequencies." - Charles
Purchase Acoustica Spin It Again Stop spinning your wheels with complex, time consuming software and just Spin It Again!
Get Mixcraft 2.5! Mixcraft 2.5 released!
As we mentioned in January's newsletter, we've recently acquired some really fantastic technology thanks to your continued support.  We've added a superior time stretching and pitch shifting technology to Mixcraft.  The Élastique efficient time stretching is by zplane.development.  It is so good that we decided to release a brand new version of Mixcraft. 

Change the length of any sound without altering pitch!

Here are the recent changes from Mixcraft 2.01 to 2.50:

  • Amazing Audio Time Stretching!  If your recording doesn't quite fit...shorten it, or if it's too short, lengthen it without altering the pitch.  You can change the pitch of a sound without altering the length!  Select a sound and then click "Time Stretch" from the "Sound" menu.  Works great on loops, voice or music!
  • Plug In Delay compensation - We now support VST & DirectX plug-in delay compensation!  The software now works with all VST & DirectX effects, including pitch and time stretching effects.
  • Better panning!  We now pan stereo sounds as you'd expect!  (No more channel balancing.)
  • Recording fix - When overdubbing or recording multiple parts, version 2.01 had a bug in it where it would not end up synchronized in some cases.
Listen to an example of the new time stretching technology! Click here to listen to an example of this new time stretching!

If you've already purchased version 2.0, you are in luck!  This is a free upgrade for previous Mixcraft 2.0 owners!  If you don't have your registration code, get it here.

Use Mixcraft to:

  • Create your own prerecorded podcasts.
  • Record your band or just yourself singing.
  • Make an audio commercial
  • Create a DJ Mix for your local club
  • Mix up a custom workout without losing a beat.
  • Have fun with music and audio!

Useful links:

"Mixcraft is the only software I have discovered that has all the functionality I require and is simple enough to use so that I can concentrate my efforts on playing guitar and not fighting my way through an overcomplicated user interface. Congratulations Acoustica - I hope you sell millions of licenses!" - James Richards Burlington , ON, Canada
Purchase Mixcraft 2.5 Stop staring at overly-complicated interfaces and start mixing sound now!
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