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CD/DVD Label Maker 2.47!
New DVD Case Art Pack
Mixcraft 2.5 released!
New sounds for Mixcraft!
Spin It Again - Convert your LPs to CD or MP3
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Newsletter Jan. 2006
Ed. #26
Acoustica™ CD/DVD Label Maker 2.47! new!
There's a brand new version of the Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker available!  This latest version allows you to print on almost every printable CD or DVD regardless of its dimensions.  If your printable disc has a non standard hole diameter or printable area, just click the "Edit Paper Templates" button or select it from the "File" menu. Edit Paper Templates

The new Edit Paper Templates dialog lets you adjust the sizes and hole diameters of your labels and even lets you adjust the offsets. 

Edit Paper Templates Dialog

The software can also print out a ruler for you so that you can make exact measurements.

Just click on the label that you are adjusting and it will appear green.  After that, adjust its offset, diameter and hole diameter, if applicable.

We've also added support for printable mini CDs on most Epson & Canon printers that support Direct-to-CD printing!

*This is a free upgrade for existing registered users!*

If you need your registration code resent, look it up here.

"Hi folks, I recently downloaded and installed your CD labeler. The very first time I used it, I was able to create and print a CD label without even consulting the help files. I found this program to be a genuine joy to use.  As you might guess, I am extremely impressed and I love using this to compose my own CD covers.  Many Thanks!" - Martin from England
Get labeling now!  Buy it! Stop scrawling with felt tip pens.  Label your CDs & DVDs!
More Art - DVD Case Art Pack #1

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NEW!  The new art pack includes 50 new images that customized for DVD cases!  This art pack is complimentary and free for registered owners of Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker.  Choose from Yosemite, waterfalls and more...  Perfect for the soul searching or romantic (hint *Valentines*) DVD case.
And don't forget our other new art packs we released in December!
Nature Art PackFlowers Art Pack #2
Nature Art Pack , Pattern Art Pack #9, Flowers Art Pack #2, Flowers Art Pack #1, Wildflowers Art Pack, Roses Art Pack
Mixcraft 2.5 Mixcraft 2.5 released!
We've recently acquired some really fantastic technology thanks to your continued support.  We've added a superior time stretching and pitch shifting technology to Mixcraft.  The Élastique efficient time stretching is by zplane.development.  It is so good that we decided to release a brand new version of Mixcraft. 

Change the length of any sound without altering pitch!

Here are the recent changes from Mixcraft 2.01 to 2.50:

  • Amazing Audio Time Stretching!  If your recording doesn't quite fit...shorten it, or if it's too short, lengthen it without altering the pitch.  You can change the pitch of a sound without altering the length!  Select a sound and then click "Time Stretch" from the "Sound" menu.  Works great on loops, voice or music!
  • Plug In Delay compensation - We now support VST & DirectX plug-in delay compensation!  The software now works with all VST & DirectX effects, including pitch and time stretching effects.
  • Better panning!  We now pan stereo sounds as you'd expect!  (No more channel balancing.)
  • Recording fix - When overdubbing or recording multiple parts, version 2.01 had a bug in it where it would not end up synchronized in some cases.

If you already purchased version 2.0, you are in luck!  This is a free upgrade for previous Mixcraft 2.0 owners!  If you don't have your registration code, get it here.

Use Mixcraft to:

  • Create your own prerecorded podcasts.
  • Record your band or just yourself singing.
  • Make an audio commercial
  • Create a DJ Mix for your local club
  • Mix up a custom workout without losing a beat.
  • Have fun with music and audio!
Get Mixcraft 2.5!

Buy Mixcraft 2.5!

Other Upgrade Information
If you are a registered user of MP3 Audio Mixer, you can upgrade for $24.95 via this MP3 Audio Mixer upgrade link.

If you are a registered user of Mixcraft 1.0, you can upgrade for $9.95 via this Mixcraft 1.0 upgrade link.

(Power Pack Pro and Musician Bundle owners can simply re-request their registration information and your new Mixcraft 2.5 registration codes will be emailed to you.)

Partners In Rhyme - Royalty Free Music & Sound Effects New Sounds For Mixcraft!
Partners In Rhyme has generously made sound effects available to Mixcraft customers!
  • 261 public domain sound effects available to anyone.  To download these sounds, go to this sound freebie page.
  • 60 more spacey sound effects created by Partners In Rhyme.
    To get these 60 sounds, you'll need to request your registration information.  Request your registration information and the download link will be included in an automated email.
  • Get more sound effects & music loops directly from their site: Partners In Rhyme
Spin It Again 1.0 build 14 released!
Convert your LPs and cassettes into CDs or MP3s!  We're in our 2nd month of selling Spin It Again, and it's just flying off the virtual shelves.  The software is definitely the easiest way to turn your LPs and cassettes into CDs or MP3s, and I'm not one to brag.  We just demoed it at the NAMM music show and the response was phenomenal.  In addition to being easy to use, professional editors were coming up and telling us that it can easily cut their time to CD in half!  Have you tried it yet?  If not, download the trial version here.
Get Spinning! Purchase Acoustica Spin It Again
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