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Newsletter July 2006
Ed. #30
DJ Twist & Burn™
DJ mixing software for the rest of us! Music is meant to be enjoyed where you want it and how you want it.  You can listen to it on your portable mp3 player, in your car, at your computer and even on your radio.
Now, we can twist & warp the way your music sounds!  Automatically beat-match any song list so that the tempos match and keep the same groove.  Keep your party hopping with an hour long beat-matched and harmonically mixed mash-up CD of your favorite tunes.   Add effects such as EQ, compressor, delay or reverb with a simple right click!  You can even change the key of any song or simply remove the vocals!  So move your beats with DJ Twist & Burn! ($39.95 retail)  
Main screenshot of DJ Twist & Burn! Based on Acoustica MP3 CD Burner, DJ Twist & Burn emphasizes audio morphing and editing with the same easy interface.

Simply add songs by clicking them.  Set up a master tempo of 120 beats per minute, set your fade times and click "Burn CD". 

See all the features of DJ Twist & Burn™ here.
Listen to these automatic beat-matched transition examples!  (Each of these samples contains 2 songs that are seamlessly mixed together with the default settings!)
mix-trans1.mp3 mix-trans2.mp3 mix-trans3.mp3
mix-trans4.mp3 mix-trans5.mp3 mix-trans6.mp3
mix-trans7.mp3 mix-trans8.mp3  
See all the features of DJ Twist & Burn™ here.

The normal retail cost of DJ Twist & Burn™ is $39.95

You may be entitled to an upgrade discount if you are a registered user of Acoustica MP3 CD Burner.  Check for an upgrade discount for Acoustica MP3 CD Burner owners! ($24.97!)  ( You will be directed to a web page and asked to enter in your email address.  Assuming you are located in our online database, you will be sent an email with an upgrade link and associated coupon.)

If you just want one reason to upgrade from MP3 CD Burner to DJ Twist & Burn, look no further than "Automatic Loudness Balancing".  Each song is balanced automatically and perfectly by a new standard called Replay Gain.  (Thanks to a suggestion from a customer.)  This ensures that each song is the same 'loudness' and helps you avoid embarrassing moments reaching for the volume dial between each track on your burned CD.

Another reason to upgrade would be the "Render To File..." feature on the "File" menu.  Create a seamless mix MP3, OGG, WMA or WAV file so that you can put it on your portable audio player or import it to another audio program such as Mixcraft.

Yet another reason to upgrade might be the "Transfer Songs..." option on the "Song List" menu which copies all the songs in your Song List to a folder or portable audio player.  Handy.

Yet one more reason to upgrade (YOMRTU) would be the ability to customize EQ, create your own EQ presets or add any kind of third party VST or DirectX effect.

Still, yet, one more reason to upgrade (SYOMRTU) would be the incredible fading between songs.  In addition to fading in and out with volume, you can set up fades with resonant filter sweeps and beat synched panning effects which sound very unique.

Not sure about this?  Is DJ Twist & Burn for you?

Move Your Beats!
Buy DJ Twist & Burn! DJ Twist & Burn™ has a free trial for you to download and try out.  After 7 days, it limits burning and rendering to MP3, but you can still use it without those features for as long as you'd like!  Of course, you can buy the full version here for unlimited use!
Don't forget!  Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker now supports data CDs!
Our extremely popular label maker & CD printer is great for audio CDs and DVDs, but it also works wonders for backup data CDs!  Easily import file and folder information from your data or backup CDs and DVDs.   "What was on that CD?...and when did I back it up? Hmmmmm....."
Here's a list of the files on this data backup CD.  The files are positioned in a circle around the disc.

(The file and folder info can be spiral, circular, bottom, left, right or left aligned, as well.)

Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker is getting better all the time...This shows the upper Yosemite falls.  If you haven't been to Yosemite, well, now's the time. The disc summary is displayed at the bottom and shows the number of folders, files, total size and date range!  Extremely convenient!

(If you've purchased a previous version of Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker, your upgrade is free.  Just download the new version!)

Acoustica News & Updates
07/07/06 Updated the supported CD/DVD label paper types & printers for Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker. (Print Fit 2-up labels, HP Tattoo labels, and three new Canon printers.)
07/07/06 Soft release of Spin It Again 1.1 b22. Download Spin It Again!
07/06/06 Released DJ Twist & Burn v1.10 b138! Download DJ Twist & Burn!
06/29/06 Updated the supported CD label paper types & printers for Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker. (Neato Jewel Case Insert Card/Trayliner.)
06/28/06 Soft release of Mixcraft 2.51 b53 Download Mixcraft!
06/08/06 Released CD/DVD Label Maker 2.55.  Now supporting data CDs and DVD chapters!  Version history
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