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Newsletter June 2006
Ed. #29
Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker version 2.55
We've updated our award winning label maker!
We normally watch the fireworks at Bass Lake, near the south entrance of Yosemite and I had some images from the previous year.  I created an awesome CD label with music tracks.  As always, this is a free upgrade for registered owners of Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker or the Gold Bundle or Power Packs!  Simply download and install it right over your old version!  If you lost your registration code, retrieve it here!
What's new in 2.55?
Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker now supports data and backup CDs.  No more typing in data for data and backup CDs!  Simply insert your freshly burned CD and click "Read CD" to automatically generate content!  The software creates a really cool disk summary showing the number of files, folders, the total size and dates of the files!  In addition to bug fixes and other enhancements, it also lets you type in DVD chapters for DVDs.  Read more about all the new enhancements here.
Here's a list of the files on this data backup CD.  The files are positioned in a circle around the disc.

(The file and folder info can be spiral, circular, bottom, left, right or left aligned, as well.)

Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker is getting better all the time...This shows the upper Yosemite falls.  If you haven't been to Yosemite, well, now's the time. The disc summary is displayed at the bottom and shows the number of folders, files, total size and date range!  Extremely convenient!
Buy yourself some CD sanity!

(If you've purchased a previous version of Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker, your upgrade is free.  Just download the new version!)

"You Guys Rock!   I couldn't believe that the printer that I bought had only very limited software.   I did a Google search for a cd label maker that I could use with my new Canon PixMa 4200.  Not even Nero could read the the printer interface.  BUT once your link popped up in Google, I downloaded the free demo and as I am currently re-organizing my music collection for a big DJ Job that I'm doing for the company I work with next month, I thought I better get my act together.  Your program is so user friendly that I bought it over PayPal. Its now the second thing I have ever purchased on the internet, and I am really happy.  After purchasing through PayPal, I received 2 emails.  One receipt from PayPal and one product key from Acoustica.  The 21.95 USD that I paid for (29.70AUD) was well worth it, and it turned my demo into the legit thing .....two words to describe the demo transition.......'Two Easy !!!!!!'  Keep up the awesome work - all the way from Melbourne Australia.   P.S: The best thing about your product is that you have complete access to your demo version for 7-8 days.   Most demo programs limit what you can do.  YOU AREN'T.  Thanks heaps,"

- Dj Sean M@tters 
SoundAdrenalin Productions 
Melbourne, Australia

Get labeling now!  Buy it! Stop scrawling with felt tip pens.  Label your CDs & DVDs!
Acoustica News & Updates
06/08/06 Released CD/DVD Label Maker 2.55.  Now supporting data CDs and DVD chapters!  Version history
06/07/06 Soft release of the new DJ Twist & Burn!!  It's currently in beta, but its solid enough to try out and play with.  Download DJ Twist & Burn!
05/27/06 Updated the supported CD label paper types & printers for Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker.
05/04/06 Soft release of Spin It Again 1.1 b20 with bug fixes and more supported CD recorders.
05/02/06 Soft release of Beatcraft b15, Mixcraft b50 and Photos Forever b15!  This include more supported CD & DVD recorders and bug fixes!
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