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Newsletter Sept. 2006
Ed. #31

Be Innovative!

DJ Twist & Burn™
isn't just for DJ's! 

Do you enjoy working out to music, but your music mix is not quite right? Are some tracks too slow and some too fast? Do you find yourself changing tracks to get the right beat?

DJ Twist & Burn

to change the tempo!

You can create a music mix with DJ Twist & Burn that keeps your workout moving at the pace you set. Fitness minded health enthusiasts can create CDs or MP3s for all their workouts - aerobics, spinning, running, jogging, bicycling, weight lifting, Yoga, Pilates - whatever makes you sweat to the beat. Cheerleaders, gymnasts, ice skaters or other artistic performers can create masterful, tempo-adjusted routines effortlessly.



Here's how to create a unique music tempo mix using:

DJ Twist & Burn!

Step 1: Add your music tracks to the DJ Twist & Burn song list to suit the length of your intended workout or routine. The included example is about 68 minutes (a calorie buster).

Step 2: Look at the "original" BPM (Beats Per Minutes) column to the far right of the song list.  Arrange the tracks to approximate the various workout tempos, using slower songs for the warm up and warm down. Too much adjustment could create unpleasant distortion.  "Amazing Grace" just wouldn't be right to sprint to, but might be adjusted for a perfect cool down!

Step 3: Right click each track, one at a time after you have arranged your song list and select "Edit BPM/pitch"settings" from the right click menu.

Step 4: Re-set the BPM for each track from the drop down menu next to "tempo". Click "OK". Warm-up workout BPM's might start around 100.  Gradually increase the BPM for each succeeding track to match your movement or pace.   Do the same at the end of your songlist, decreasing the BPM for each track. 

Step 5:  The final step is to transfer the completed mix to your ipod or mp3 player.  Click "file" in DJ Twist & Burn software, then select "render to file".  Give your mix a name in "track title". Click "choose". Locate your mp3 player. Select "render".  That's it!

 Now go for it and have a great workout!


DJ Twist & Burn™ has a free trial for you to download and try out.  After 7 days, it limits burning and rendering to MP3, but you can still use it without those features for as long as you'd like!  Of course, you can buy the full version here for unlimited use!
See all the features of DJ Twist & Burn™ here.

What's Cooking at Acoustica?   Our Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker will soon support LightScribe!

If you recently purchased a new computer, chances are it came equipped with LightScribe, a whole new way to label your discs.  Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker software version 3 (not yet released) will support LightScribe technology. Be looking for the release announcement in our next newsletter.  Coming soon!!!

What is Lightscribe?

LightScribe is a new, innovative technology that uses a special disc drive and special media-and label-making software (that's us-the Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker) to burn labels directly onto CD's and DVD's.  Because the labels are laser-etched, instead of printed, there's no ink, no smudging, and no peeling!

Download the current version of CD Label Maker now and upgrade to the LightScribe version later! Purchase the CD/DVD Label Maker and receive a free registration of Photos Forever .

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Acoustica News & Updates
9/18/06 Updated the supported CD label paper types & printers for Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker. (HP Photosmart D5100)
8/18/06 Acoustica staff climbs Yosemite's Half Dome!  Download Yosemite art pack labels for the CD/ DVD Label Maker.
08/17/06 Released Spin It Again v1.1 b30. 
Download Spin It Again!
08/02/06 Released Audio Converter Pro v1.0 b23.
Download Audio Converter Pro!
08/02/06 Released DJ Twist & Burn v1.01 b142!
Download DJ Twist & Burn!
08/02/06 Released Mixcraft v2.51 b55. Download Mixcraft!
08/02/06 Released Mp3 CD Burner v 4.32 b142
Download Mp3 CD Burner!
08/02/06 Released Mp3 To Wave Converter Plus v 2.5 b23
Download Mp3 To Wave Converter Plus!
07/11/06 Released Beatcraft v1.02 b19. Added upgrade check. Download Beatcraft!
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