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Spin It Again "pause" feature
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Newsletter Oct. 2006
Ed. #32

Happy Holidays From Acoustica™!
Learn how to make a compilation CD from old tapes and records.  Other tips show you how to copy images from the web right into the
Acoustica CD Label Maker...and more...

SPIN IT AGAIN™ MAKES IT POSSIBLE.  Perhaps you know someone, a family member or a close acquaintance, who has favorite recordings from a number of old LP's. You yourself may have some of these special tunes from the past that are not available today commercially.  Why not make holiday gift compilation CD's of these tracks and bring them to a holiday gathering?  How do you accomplish this? Well, just let Acoustica introduce you to the "pause" feature in Spin It Again.

Here's how to use the SPIN IT AGAIN pause feature:

  1. Press the "record a vinyl LP" button in Spin It Again.

  2. Uncheck the "auto pause" option.

  3. Select your first track from an LP.

  4. Press the red "record" button (the button's wording changes to "pause" while recording). Record your first track.

  5. Press the "pause" button at the end of the track recording. This pauses the recording (the button now reads "record").

  6. Select your next track from a different LP.

  7. Press the "record" button to begin recording the next track.

  8. Continue in the same manner until all your tracks are recorded.

Purchase Spin It Again - Download Spin It Again

Here's How To Automatically Copy Images From Your Web Browser to Acoustica CD Label Maker:  After burning your compilation CD using Spin It Again, print an Autumn themed label using the Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker. You can use art from other sources (not just those produced by Acoustica). 

Use the following technique to add a supported image to the CD/DVD Label Maker:

  1. Select the image with your cursor.
  2. Right click the image & select "copy" from the right click menu.
  3. Open the CD/DVD Label Maker software.
  4. Place your cursor in a blank CD label template & right click.
  5. Select "paste image" from the right click menu.
  6. Your image is "pasted" into the label.
  7. Adjust your added image to fit properly on the CD label.


You can try this technique with some Autumn images we have provided for you.  Click here.

Consider purchasing the Nature Lovers art pack for the CD Label Maker.  See details.

Download free art packs.

Purchase - Download

LightScribe support coming real soon!
(We just officially received HP certification and will be releasing it in the next few weeks!)

Do you want a back-up copy of any of the Acoustica installation programs? Perhaps you want to install software on a computer that is not connected to the internet?

Here's how to make your own back-up CD of Acoustica software:

  1. Go to the download page of the software you want a back-up copy of.
  2. Choose to download the file.
  3. You will be prompted to "Run" or "Save" the file. Choose "Save".
  4. Make a note of where you save the installation file (in what folder).
  5. Burn a CD with the "saved" file with an all purpose burning software.
  6. The installation file name will begin with "Acoustica" followed by the name of the specific Acoustica software.  The end of the file name will be "Installer.exe".

To install the software from the burned CD, insert the CD in your CD drive. Double click "my computer" and locate the icon for your CD drive.  Right click the CD drive icon and select "explore".  This will display the files on the CD. Double click the installation file (the one that ends with "exe") and the installation will start.  That's all there is to it!  Of course you may always download the software from our website at anytime and as many times as you need.

You will find all of the Acoustica downloads here.


There are some wild sounds and a lot of crazy commotion coming from the back rooms at Acoustica. Our mad scientists are hard at work making a magical concoction!  Double bubble, boil & trouble. This specially mixed brew will be
Mixcraft 3

Mixcraft 3 will include:

  • Brand new interface (highly customizable!!)

  • Auto-looping & beat matching, key matching

  • Loop Library

  • Multitrack recording

  • ASIO support for low latency recording and playback.

  • Look for a special sneak preview screenshot in the next newsletter!

  • Much more (of course)

Download the current version of Mixcraft now and upgrade to Mixcraft version 3 later! Be looking for this exciting version in early 2007!  If you are going to be attending NAMM, come on over to our booth and we'll demonstrate it for you.

Purchase - Download  Mixcraft

Win prizes and Acoustica software.  We're giving away 7 prizes this month to add to your enjoyment of the coming Holidays.  And all you have to do to qualify for the drawing, is simply fill out an extremely short survey.

To enter, simply fill out the survey by Nov. 15. (No purchase is necessary.)

* Enter The Survey Here *

We are going to be giving out prizes each newsletter, so make sure to check back every month.


Acoustica News & Updates
10/17/06 Updated the supported CD label paper types & printers for Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker. (HP Photosmart D5145, D5155, D5160, and D5168 printers)
10/02/06 Mixcraft in German. Download a German version of Mixcraft!
08/17/06 Released Spin It Again v1.1 b30. 
Download Spin It Again!
08/02/06 Released Audio Converter Pro v1.0 b23.
Download Audio Converter Pro!
08/02/06 Released DJ Twist & Burn v1.01 b142!
Download DJ Twist & Burn!