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Newsletter Apr. 2007
Ed. #38
Mixcraft - Get your groove on! New LOOPS! We've added a new Song Kit called "Unplugged".  Click here for an example of how it sounds. 
How do you get the new Song Kit and loops?  Update to the latest version of Mixcraft 3 (build 25) by downloading it from the Mixcraft download page here.  Check the Library tab on the bottom to get the new Unplugged style. 

(Please note that Mixcraft 3 is not a free upgrade for Mixcraft 1 or 2.  More on upgrading here.)

Mixcraft 3 Review On Tech News World - Read Whole Review
"Acoustica's Mixcraft 3 turns a computer into a recording studio, allowing musicians and podcasters to create polished compositions. The software is designed for both novices and those with more experience in home recording. What is very nice about Mixcraft is how easy it is to get the sound into the program. You can drag and drop sound files onto a track, or record audio directly."  Read Whole Review
- John P. Mello Jr.
About Mixcraft
If you play the guitar or any other instrument, Mixcraft is the software equivalent of a 4-track recorder on steroids.  Over and over again, Mixcraft is being compared to Apple's Garage Band, which is recognized as the easiest music recording software on the Mac.  The world of PCs has been sadly lacking a comparable program, so we built it.  We can say, with all honesty, that this program is the easiest and most powerful available.  You will be sure to be recording your songs and laying down tracks in no time.

The software comes with built in backing tracks or song construction kits that allow you to create music in a variety of styles.  Just drag and drop in a bass pattern or a drum lick.  Change the tempo or key to suit your playing ability and taste. Then, just jam along with your creation or sing over the top.  

One click mix down to MP3! Click the Mixdown button on the toolbar and it'll spit out an mp3 of your song so that you can post it to your website or email it.  Did we say it's easy to use? 

Not sure about downloading Mixcraft?  Here are some Mixcraft 3 screenshots

View Mixcraft 3 Movie! Watch a short instructional video on how to use Mixcraft 3! (Requires Flash)

Here are some "how to" instructions for Mixcraft 3.
Manipulating Sounds - Record - Customize Your Tracks - Use Loops - Trim Or Crop A Sound - Cross Fade Sounds - Burn A CD - Create An MP3 - Use Selections - Add Volume And Pan Fades On Sounds - Boost Or Reduce Parts Of Sounds - Slow Down Or Speed Up A Song with FlexAudio™ - Beat Match Songs - Fix Songs With Drifting Tempos - Extract A Loop From A Song

If you are upgrading, be sure to read the What's Changed From Version 2 section.  More on upgrading to Mixcraft 3.

Mixcraft 3 Testimonial - Read More Mixcraft 3 Testimonials...
"I am a middle school special education teacher and I have been using music in my lessons for years. Mixcraft has been an effective and economical tool in the recording of music specific to my teaching. Educating today's students is a special challenge, especially in language arts. It has been my goal to find new ways to connect with my students, and to provide them with experiences that generate real learning. The use of music, and video in teaching are effective tools in that regard."

- Steven MacIntosh
Aztec, NM

Download Mixcraft 3 does not interfere with Mixcraft 2.  You can safely install Mixcraft 3 and Mixcraft 2 will continue to work separately.  In this way, you can evaluate the software to see if it's a match for you.  (We think it is.)  Download Mixcraft 3 here.
Upgrade You can upgrade from Mixcraft 1 or 2, MP3 Audio Mixer, Gold Bundle, Musician's Bundle, Power Pack, Power Pack Pro, Nerd Bundle or the Insanity Pack.  Learn more on upgrading to Mixcraft 3 here.  (Upgrade pricing is from $19.95 to $39.95 depending on your original purchase!)
Purchase Mixcraft 3 is $49.95.  Purchase Mixcraft 3 'hot off the press!'
Support Read the manual as a PDF or browse our help online.  Check out the FAQ or BBS discussion boards.
Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker Update!
We've gone to great lengths to make Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker's LightScribe implementation the best possible, and we've added features that you won't find together in any other LightScribe software:
  • Change your mind without starting over from scratch: Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker lets you switch between LightScribe label modes (full, content, and title) as many times as you want without having to restart the software or start a new project - it's one click away anytime.
  • Don't waste hours searching for LightScribe art. We know you don't want to download all of HP's LightScribe art one file at a time, unzip it one file at a time, and then move it all to someplace you can find it, so we've bundled it all into LightScribe art packs that you can download and install in a few clicks to automatically show up in Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker's "Backgrounds" section. Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker has tons of custom art, too - registered users get more than 1,200 backgrounds and 100 themes Get the latest free LightScribe Art Pack #3 here!
  • New in version 3.08! Print to multiple LightScribe drives at once: If you've got more than one LightScribe drive, you can turn your computer into your own virtual disc duplicator. Print multiple copies of a disc label at once, or print different labels on each of your drives simultaneously. Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker can use as many LightScribe drives as you've got. 

As usual, version 3.08 is a free upgrade for registered users!  Upgrade here or Download the trial here.

Need A USB Record Player Or Turntable?

Would you be interested in buying a USB turntable from Acoustica?  (It would work with our award winning Spin It Again LP to CD software!)

Take a quick survey and let us know!

Acoustica News & Updates
04/27/07 Release of Mixcraft 3 build 25.  See Recent Changes.
04/06/07 Soft release of Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker 3.08  Now supports burning to multiple LightScribe drives at a time!
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