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Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker Now Has Transparency Control!

Version 3.15 of Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker  now lets you set the transparency for text backgrounds, images and shapes! Just drag a slider to blend them with the background. It's great for making text more readable against a high-contrast background or for just giving your labels a sleeker look. It's easy to use: for shapes and images, just click on the object and then drag the slider on the object toolbar to change the opacity; for text backgrounds, click on the text object and then choose the Set Background Color/Opacity option from the Text menu.

Version 3.15 also supports PNG images with alpha channels and adds two new modes for colored shapes: inverted mode, which draws a heart-shaped (or diamond-shaped, or star-shaped, etc.) frame wherever you want to put it; and outline mode, which draws the outline but doesn't color in the center of your chosen shape. You can play with the thickness of a shape's frame or outline by choosing the Inverted Shape Margins and Border Thickness options, respectively, on the Shape menu.

New in version 3.14! Print to multiple LightScribe drives at once: If you've got more than one LightScribe drive, you can turn your computer into your own virtual disc duplicator. Print multiple copies of a disc label at once, or print different labels on each of your drives simultaneously. Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker can use as many LightScribe drives as you've got.

If you're already a registered user of Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker, it's a free upgrade- just download & install it. The new version will overwrite your current version and remain registered.

Beta Test Beta Test Mixcraft 4

The next major upgrade of Mixcraft is coming soon, and we're looking for a few good testers to help us perfect it. If you want to record MIDI and use virtual instruments, head over to Beta Central and sign up for our beta team. Give us a few quality bug reports for Mixcraft 4, and we'll give you a free registration! Once signed up, we will notify you when the beta testing will start.

Get two months of FREE Podcasting! and Acoustica are proud to offer registered Mixcraft users two months of FREE Podcasting! Create your podcast in Mixcraft and publish it with Podcasting has never been easier- with a few simple clicks of your mouse, all media hosting, RSS feeds and iTunes submissions are taken care of.

Go to and enter rebate code mixcast0922ea to receive two months of FREE service.

Have You Tried Spin It Again v2 Yet?

If you've got a stack of records or cassettes that you wish you could play on your iPod or CD player, check out Spin It Again - it's the pain-free way to convert your analog recordings to digital, with automatic track detection, noise and hiss removal, EQ sweetening and more. If you've been using Version 1 and you haven't quite worked all the way through your LP's, check out all the new features in Version 2:

If you're already a registered user of Spin It Again, it's a; free upgrade- just download & install it. The new version will overwrite your current version and remain registered.

Convert your Record Collection to CD or MP3 with Spin It Again
  • Automatically look up track information online.
  • Support for monitoring on USB sound devices.
  • Record two times longer! Up to 13.52 hours at CD quality.
  • Better track detection based on typed or looked up information.
  • Type in track/album information during recording.
  • New easy speed/rate adjuster for recording 78s at 45 rpm.
  • Change volume for each track.
  • Full Vista support.

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Try Acoustica CD Label Maker's Amazing New Transparency Feature

Download this label

(Requires Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker 3.15)


Download Instructions

  • Click on "Download this label"
  • Click "Save"
  • Select a folder and save.
  • Click "Open"