Mixcraft 4 Virtual Instruments!

Virtual instrument technology is an exciting new innovation that allows anyone with an inexpensive MIDI controller keyboard to turn their computer into a powerful musical instrument. Instead of purchasing a single synthesizer keyboard containing a limited collection of sounds and costing from $800 to $3000 and beyond, your computer can be used as a musical instrument with an infinite palette of sounds.

Mixcraft 4 comes bundled with a large collection of virtual instruments, including:

  • VB3 Organ virtual tonewheel organ with rotary speaker emulator. Audio Example...
  • Impulse polyphonic analog synthesizer.  Audio Example...
  • Acoustica Instruments, a large collection of high quality multi-sampled instruments organized in General MIDI format.
  • MinimogueVA classic analog synthesizer recreation. Audio Example...
  • Acoustica Grand Piano and Acoustica Classical Piano, ultra-professional 250 Megabyte quadruple-strike sampled grand pianos. Audio Example...

(Included Mixcraft Virtual Instruments.)

Make your own custom patches!

Mixcraft 4 contains lots of virtual instruments, with hundreds of cool presets to play with. But did you know that you can build your own instrument presets? With Mixcraft 4, you can combine one or more virtual instruments with effects to create new instrument sounds. You can combine multiple patches together to layer them – for example, you can combine a piano sound and a string sound to create a beautiful layer that’s perfect for ballads. You can also split sounds across the keyboard – for example, you can place a bass guitar on the left half of the keyboard and an organ on the right half of the keyboard to create a one man jazz band! Learn more about using effects to build cool instrument patches.

(Mixcraft main interface.)

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Mixcraft 4 is available from our website for the ridiculously low price of $64.95. Existing Mixcraft 3 users can upgrade to Mixcraft 4 for $14.95! The purchase also includes two high quality sampled tripled strike pianos. Purchase Mixcraft 4 ´hot off the presses!´


Read the manual as a PDF or browse our help online. Check out the FAQ or BBS discussion boards.

Acoustica Newsletter, edition 44

In this Issue

Mixcraft Patch contest

Think you can create the coolest Mixcraft instrument patch, combining instruments and effects to generate an incredible new sound? We’ll be giving away an M-Audio Oxygen 61 USB keyboard to the person that can build the most spectacular patch! Simply build a great sounding patch on an instrument track, save your .MX4 project, and email the .MX4 file to contest@acoustica.com. Bonus points will be awarded if you record a short piece of music to demonstrate the patch!

The winner will be selected by our panel of judges on May 1st, 2008. Criteria will include originality, creativeness, complexity, and musicality. Second runner up receives the Musician's Bundle and third runner up gets Mixcraft 4.

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Check out the April issue of Keyboard Magazine to see Mixcraft featured in Keyboard’s NAMM review! Available in bookstores now. In May, several major magazines, including Keyboard Magazine, will be featuring full reviews of Mixcraft 4. We’ll let you know which magazines to check out to learn more about Mixcraft 4! Haven’t tried Mixcraft 4 yet? Well, now’s the time! Click here for a free 7 day unlimited trial. At $64.95, Mixcraft blows away the competition! Already a Mixcraft user? Click here to upgrade to Mixcraft 4!

Installing Mixcraft 4 will not interfere with Mixcraft 3. You can safely install Mixcraft 4, without affecting Mixcraft 3. Download Mixcraft 4 here!


You can upgrade from any version of Mixcraft, MP3 Audio Mixer, Gold Bundle, Musician's Bundle, Power Pack, Power Pack Pro, Nerd Bundle or the Insanity Pack. (Upgrade pricing depends on your previous purchase and may even be free.) Learn more on upgrading to Mixcraft 4 here.