Acoustica Newsletter, edition 48

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New Song Kits Available for Mixcraft

Acoustica has just released two new song kits for Mixcraft: Classic Jazz and Horror. With Halloween just around the corner, it´s not too late to create the party soundtrack that will scare even the neighbor´s black cat.

To get the new song kits, download the newest Build 102, or run Mixcraft and click "Check For Updates" from the "Help" menu. The new song kits will appear in your Loop Library. Happy Halloween mixing!

100 new layouts for CD Label Maker
Acoustica CD Label Maker version 3.26 has a brand new layer feature that makes creating designs much easier. Check out the new features below!
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  • Add and delete layers.
  • Test multiple designs in a single project. Design your label on one layer, hide the layer, make a new design, and then hide/show the different layers to compare designs.
  • Lock away parts of the finished design. Protect artwork and text while you design.
  • Apply blending to the background layer. Reduce the background´s contrast and opacity to enhance the visibility of your top layers.
  • Make layers visible or invisible.
  • Rearrange layers.

Want to see layers in action? Version 3.26 includes more than 100 new layouts that take advantage of this feature, combining layers, shapes, and opacity control to create a variety of colorful patterns and designs.

Note: To access the "Layers" option select the Edit menu or click F7.

Download Halloween Themed Label For CD Label Maker
Download Instructions
(Requires CD Label Maker 3.15)
1.) Click on "Download Halloween Themed Label For CD Label Maker"
2.) Click "Save" Select a folder and save.
3.) Click "Open"

Mixcraft is more stable than ever! Check out the latest improvements from Mixcraft 4!
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