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New CD/DVD Label Maker Version 3.32!

Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker now includes drop shadow functionality! Drop shadows are a great way to add depth to your labels and/or accent important design elements. With version 3.32, you can add drop shadows to text, images, and colored shapes. The new feature gives you full control; including light source angle, blur amount, offset, opacity, and shadow color -you can even save your own presets. Click on the "Designs" tab in version 3.32 to see several examples of pre-made designs that use drop shadows.

Now with shadows!

Label Maker Drop Shadow Sample

Version 3.32 also includes a new "Fade Edges" feature for printable discs. If you´re too busy to get your printable discs aligned perfectly and they tend to print with a little white ring around the edge of the disc or the hole, check the "Fade Edges" box on the Print dialog to fade the edges of the disc to white, which can make the edge rings look like an intentional part of the design. You can also click the Fade-Edges Settings button to control the width and opacity of the disc fade.

Version 3.32 is a free upgrade for registered users.

New Primo CD/DVD Burning Engine!
Primo Burning Engine

Acoustica has updated Mixcraft, DJ Twist n´ Burn, MP3 CD Burner, Photos Forever and Spin It Again to a new burning engine. The new burning engine, called Primo, supports 99% of modern CD/DVD burners, has better support for external USB burners, and improved CD text burning ability.

For first-time users, simply download the latest build of Mixcraft, DJ Twist n´ Burn, MP3 CD Burner, Photos Forever or Spin It Again to get the new burning engine! For those already working in a previous version, you will need to update to the latest build. Follow the steps below for your specifc software. Note: For registered users, the Primo burning engine is a free upgrade!

Upgrade software with Primo burning engine

1. Shut down all running software.
2. Download the latest build of Mixcraft, when prompted click "Run."
3. Open Mixcraft click the "File" menu and select "Preferences." In the popup dialog choose "CD Burning" and check the "Primo" radio input, click "OK" and your done!

MP3 CD Burner or DJ Twist n´ Burn
1. Shut down all running software.
2. Download the latest build of MP3 CD Burner or DJ Twist n´ Burn when prompted click "Run."
3. Open MP3 CD Burner or DJ Twist n´ Burn click the "File" menu and select "Preferences." Under "General" settings check the "Primo" radio input, click "OK" and your done!

Photos Forever
1. Shut down all running software.
2. Download the latest build of Photos Forever, when prompted click "Run."
3. From your WIndows "Start" menu select "All Programs" » "Acoustica Photos Forever" » "Config" » "Use –PrimoEngine."

Spin It Again
1. Shut down all running software.
2. Download the latest build of Spin It Again, when prompted click "Run."
3. Open Spin It Again, select "Settings" and click the "Miscellaneous" tab. In the popup dialog check the "Use Primo Engine" radio input, click "OK" and your done!

Acoustica Newsletter, edition 52

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  MixcraftLive Hot 5

Acoustica has been busy putting together another episode of MixcraftLive Hot 5 and we hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we had fun making it! A special "thanks" to all the members who participated in this episode!

In case you haven´t heard MixcraftLive Hot 5 is for Mixcraft users, fans and music buffs. Each month the podcast showcases five artists from the MixcraftLive community. You can always find the latest MixcraftLive Top 5 episode at!
MixcraftLive Hot 5 Episode 6 - Case T Collins, Conquest, Curbside Jimmy and Washboard Jean, Def Con One, Guiser Bleu

MixcraftLive Hot 5 Check out Episode 5 - Robert A. Ruzzo, Young Prototype, Rake Baker, Man The Mighty, Daiki Kasho

Featured artists

Robert A. Ruzzo (jazz) / Monegan´s Son
Robert Ruzzo Ruzzo is from Rhode Island and says writing for jazz and blues is one of his favorite pastimes. His music is upbeat with a latin, blues and classic rock fusion sound, a bit like Carlos Santana.

SPC Collins (rock) / Sick of Me
SPC Collins Collins serves in Iraq and spends most of his free time working on his music. His songs have a Seattle-grunge sound with emotional lyrics.

Man the Mighty (heavy rock) / Justify
Man the Mighty The group has a familiar modern sound similar to Disturbed or Nickelback but a bit more edgy. The song has a mixture of hard rock, guitar, drums and lyrics.

Learn more about Spin It Again
Download a free trial of Spin It Again!

Are you having trouble converting your LPs to CD or MP3? With Spin It Again easily convert LPs to CD or MP3, remove clicks and pops, all with the click of a button. High cost, over-abundance of features, and confusing settings won´t keep you from easily converting your classic record collections into MP3s and CDs. Spin It Again takes the guesswork out of transferring, getting you back listening and enjoying your music collection in no time at all!

While there are a range of conversion software, hardware, and service products available to transfer your LP to CD or MP3, costs move upward from $14 (to have a CD produced), to professionally priced hardware. Former hardware user Robert Sullivan writes "the price was very high ($399.00) and the reviews were less than spectacular."

Spin It Again is only $34.95 and works with your supported hardware; the visual and audio wizards guide you through the recording level adjustment, hardware hookup, recording and editing process. As Brazil, Indiana's Jerry Mace put it, "if all you want to do is record your old LP's to MP3's, Spin It Again is half the the price and does twice the job."

While many of the professional level products offer quality features, such as filters and settings, it can make the process more complicated. Spin It Again offers a simple pops, clicks and crackle remover -audio engineering degree, not required.
Sam McClellan of Amherst, MA says "with a little work, Spin It Again did a better job of reducing noise without introducing artifacts than any of the solutions I had tried!"

Spin It Again is an affordable and high-quality solution to transfer your LP collections. Click here to purchase Spin It Again.