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Introducing Mixcraft Pro Studio 5!

Mixcraft Pro Studio 5 improves on Mixcraft 5´s already impressive line-up by adding three incredible virtual instruments and four powerful mastering effects valued at $250.00, for a grand total of 26 included effects and 11 included virtual instruments. Learn more about Mixcraft Pro Studio 5!
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From Start To Finish - Your Complete Music Studio Solution Mixcraft Pro Studio 5
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Upgrade If you previously purchased Mixcraft or Musician's Bundle you may be able to upgrade to Mixcraft Pro Studio 5.
  Included Instruments & Effects
ME80 Vintage Analog Synthesizer
Learn how to create sounds with ME80, the Yamaha CS-80 emulator.

ME80 Vintage Analog Synthesizer
Memorymoon Analog Synthesizer
Learn how to create sounds with the Memorymoog emulator.

Memorymoon Analog Synthesizer
Twisthead VS-206 Vintage Preamp
Demonstration of the Twisthead VS-206 Tube Preamp with rock and roll piano midi, bass guitar and vocals.

Twisthead VS-206 Vintage Preamp
FSQ1964 Vacuum Tube Vitaliser
This tutorial demonstrates how the G-Sonique FSQ1964 can bring drums, acoustic guitar and mastered mixes to life using some of the built-in presets.

FSQ1964 Vacuum Tuber Vitaliser
XBass 4000L Analog Bass Enhancer
Demonstration of the G-Sonique XBass 4000L Analog Bass Enhancer that ships with the new Mixcraft Pro Studio.

XBass 4000L Analog Bass Enhancer
Pianissimo Virtual Grand Piano VSTi
Pianissimo is a Virtual Grand Piano, delivering the rich, warm sound and expressiveness of a classic grand piano. It operates as a VSTi plug-in, or runs as a stand-alone application.
Pianissimo Virtual Grand Piano VSTi
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Mixcraft Users Check This Out!

We´ve been creating Mini Tips for Mixcraft in order to help you with all aspects of using Mixcraft. If there's something you'd like to see, submit your own suggestion!

Adjusting Vocal Pitch

This tutorial shows how to adjust the pitch of recorded vocals up or down to match the tune of other instruments within a musical project using the pitch controls within Mixcraft 5.

Mixcraft Mini Tip: Adjust Vocal Pitch Watch video

Optimize Your PC For Use With Mixcraft

Learn how to squeeze more power out of your computer and eliminate that dreaded audio gapping and breaking up by optimizing your computer for its best audio performance. This is a highly recommended tutorial for anyone who is serious about recording audio.

Mixcraft Mini Tip: Optimize Your PC For Use With Mixcraft Watch video

Optimize Your PC For Use With Mixcraft

Label Maker Prints Direct to CD

Not only does Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker print beautiful labels, it also supports direct to CD printers and LightScribe! Learn more

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Label Maker prints direct to CD & LightScribe