Acoustica's February 2011 newsletter
Mixcraft 5.2 Released!
Among other fixes, this new update includes a fix for some VST plugin related issues and we have gotten rid of the "brhhhh" sound at the end of recording in ASIO in low latency. We recommend updating to this version. Check the whole change/fix list at our website. (Anyone can get this update, although we recommend purchasing it first, if you haven´t already.)

Curious about one tricky bug we just fixed? Learn more »

Download Mixcraft 5 *Version 5.2 is a free upgrade for registered Mixcraft 5 users.

Read the manual as a PDF or browse our help online. Check out the FAQ or BBS discussion boards.

Introducing EMU 020
If you´re serious about recording and mixing music, you'll want to get an external audio device. These devices offer higher quality audio recording, lower noise, and support for professional XLR microphone cables and 1/4" line-level connections for electric guitars or professional line-level instruments (such as synthesizers and drum machines). Most external audio devices offer low-latency ASIO drivers, which can be critical for performing with virtual synthesizers. EMU 0204 USB 2.0

One of our favorite low-cost audio devices is the new E-MU 0204 (MSRP $149.99). This USB 2.0 device offers extremely high quality 192kHz 24bit stereo recording in a slim, attractive package. With its high-performance ASIO drivers and a fast enough computer, you can achieve latency as low as 2 milliseconds. It offers real-time direct monitoring, +60 dB of gain on each channel, and its inputs are extremely quiet!

To celebrate their 40th anniversary, E-MU is offering Acoustica customers an unprecedented 20% discount on the new E-MU 0204 (~$103.99)!
Just purchase the E-MU 0204 at the Creative Labs web site and use the coupon code MXCRFT20. Plus, every other E-MU product is on sale at 40% off through March 31. Happy 40th Birthday E-MU!
Anatomy of a Mixcraft 5 Bug Fix
As home studio musicians, many of us know our gear intimately. With patience, we learn how to navigate our digital synthesizer´s complex web of menus, and we´ve compiled our list of favorite go-to patches for any musical occasion. We know which reverb effects sound great and which ones sound tinny and fake. We have our MIDI and mixer channels sorted out just the way we like them. Maybe we've even opened up our guitars and wired in new pickups, or fixed a bad pot or solder connection in our vintage tube amps, or ventured inside an analog synth to re-seat a chip or replace a bad slider [...] read full article »

About the Author
Dan Goldstein is the lead developer of Acoustica´s award-winning Mixcraft recording software for Windows. You can download a free trial of Mixcraft 5 at
Dan Goldstein, Senior VP of Development
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