Acoustica's July 2011 newsletter

Announcing Acoustica's 4th of July sale from 7/4/2011-7/5/2011! We are offering a 15% discount on our leading software:

Coupon Code: CPN15JULY4

Use this coupon code during online checkout. This discount cannot be combined with any other coupons.

MXL and Acoustica are celebrating this Independence Day with a bang by bundling Mixcraft 4LE with the new
MXL-Pro-1B Microphone. The MXL-Pro-1B USB Microphone is a high quality mic, perfect for all of your recording needs. This bundle also includes a tripod stand, microphone stand adapter, USB cable and Mixcraft 4LE. USB microphones are automatically recognized by applications such as Mixcraft, Skype, instant messengers, and podcasting software. If you don't have a mixing console and a traditional microphone, grab yourself an MXL Home Studio Recording Kit and start recording today!


  • Record music & vocals right to your computer
  • Get the most out of video conferencing, web-chatting, podcasting
  • Greatly improves audio quality compared to built-in computer mics
  • Mixcraft professional multi-track recording program
  • PC and Mac compatible
  • USB Plug & software needed

* This Bundle includes Mixcraft 4LE, which is not a full version of Mixcraft. Licensed upgrades are available.
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Have you been listening to other artist's music lately? Check out these artists
and listen to their posted music. We think you might enjoy them. Keep producing great work!








Artist: Heather Lyons
Song: Life That Matters
Home: Illinois

Heather says:
Always considered myself primarily a singer and lyricist.
But the ability to compose music through MixCraft has really allowed me to start feeling like a legitimate all-around musician. It's a dream come true.

Artist: Gorian Roth
Song: Witches Brue
Home: Canada, New Brunswick

Gorian Says:
Just a fella that's been around forever musically. I have been in many bands, recorded tons of times, and my so called claim to fame is being in the top ten singer shortlist to replace Rob Halford of Judas Priest, but now I work in a bank, so all for naught I guess. Still love to record though!

Artist: David Cartner
Song: Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Star
Home: Canada, Ontario

David says:
Living out my music fantasies from my Home studio located in my bedroom" in Toronto Canada. I've always loved music from the time that I was a little boy. My father was a country radio DJ for over 30 years and my oldest sister was a member of the Tommy Hunter show and had a number of hit songs back in the 60s. My family has always been my inspiration for music and now I've found new inspiration from the wonderful musicians here on Live. I have found so much joy in using Mixcraft and I hope you will enjoy listening to my creations.

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  • 4th of July SALE!
  • MXL Home Studio Recording Studio Kit!
  • Mixcraft Mini Tips
  • Artists Highlight

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