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IT'S ON! Mixcraft 6 Summer Promo.
Get the Mixcraft Remote App FREE!
Acoustica announces Mixcraft 6 summer promotions
From July 1st to August 31st, Acoustica is offering the Mixcraft 6 Remote app for FREE when you purchase an upgrade or new copy of Mixcraft 6. Offer available for all Mixcraft 6 products, including Mixcraft 6, Mixcraft Pro Studio 6, Mixcraft 6 Vocal Studio and Mixcraft 6 Home Studio. The Mixcraft 6 Remote app allows mobile devices to operate all Mixcraft 6 products from anywhere within range of your wireless network. Mixcraft 6 Remote works with iPhone®, iPad® and Android® mobile devices, including Amazon's Kindle Fire devices. Learn more about the Mixcraft 6 Summer Promotion. Watch the Mixcraft 6 Remote app video. Mixcraft 6 is available at finer music stores worldwide or visit
PC Audio Labs Special Offer to Mixcraft Users
PCs Optimized for Recording
$150 off any Rok Box MC model purchased directly from PCAudioLabs. Rok Box computers are custom-built and optimized for music recording. Learn more about the $150 discount. Watch the Mixcraft video created by PCAudioLabs.
AeroMIDI is Coming
3D Controller
AeroMIDI is a revolutionary new way to control your MIDI software and hardware. We've joined forces with Leap Motion to create an extraordinary new product - AeroMIDI! Compatible with both PC & Mac, find out more at Share this video and spread the word!
Mixcraft 6 - Mini Tip Video
Mixcraft - Mini Tip
Video Tutorial
Watch the tutorial on how to create a Dubstep Wobble bass using Messiah. View all Mixcraft University videos.