Acoustica releases Mixcraft Master Class: Rock and Metal instructional DVD

Oakhurst, CA (January 13th, 2014) - Acoustica announces the release of the Mixcraft Master Class: Rock and Metal instructional DVD. Veteran audio engineer and instrumentalist Eric VanLandingham walks viewers through the full production of a metal track from basic rhythm tracks, lead and rhythm guitars, lead and backing vocals, all the way to the mixing and final mastering stage. Featuring Eric VanLandingham's techniques for recording rock and metal music, this extensive video guide is the ideal rock and metal recording primer for musicians, producers and engineers at all levels. Acoustica Mixcraft Pro Studio 6 DAW users can see, hear, and manipulate the finished tracks with the included Mixcraft project file (Acoustica Mixcraft DAW software sold separately). The DVD also includes the music video of the finished track, "Dancing On The Edge Of Obscurity."

Eric VanLandingham has worked with a who's who of pro rock artists including Ace Frehley (Kiss), Dimebag Darrell (Pantera), Bill Adams (Sponge), Tommy Stewart (Godsmack), and more. This exclusive video distills Eric's years of experience into an a simple step-by-step guide for creating punchy, hard-hitting professional rock recordings with even the most modest recording gear. Though Mixcraft Master Class Rock and Metal focuses on recording using Acoustica's award-winning Mixcraft 6 DAW software, the techniques detailed are equally effective for any recording environment or software platform.

Mixcraft Master Class Rock and Metal details professional techniques including:

  • Drum kit set-up and miking techniques.

  • EQ, compression, gating, and phasing live drum kit recordings.

  • Exclusive drum recording techniques such as "stick trick" mic alignment and more.

  • Recording bass using microphones and direct signal.

  • How to record lead and rhythm guitar tracks.

  • Avoiding common recording mistakes.

  • Mic selection and technique.

  • Recording lead and backing vocals.

  • How to use compression, EQ, and other effects for pro mixes.

  • Mixing and mastering tips and tricks.

Mixcraft Master Class Rock and Metal MSRP is $24.95. Watch an exclusive preview video

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